Rockstar Removed 200 “Less Used” Vehicles From GTA Online, Resulting In Fans Outcry

Rockstar removed 200 vehicles from GTA Online, planning to reintroduce them gradually. Some vehicles may be exclusive to monthly subscribers.

Rockstar Removes 200 "Less Used" Vehicles From GTA Online
Rockstar Removes 200 "Less Used" Vehicles From GTA Online

Fans love to dive into the ever-changing world of GTA Online, a vast online universe for up to 30 players. GTA Online is hugely popular due to a wealth of gameplay upgrades and content enhancements that have been introduced since its launch, providing exciting adventures for solo players and multiplayer enthusiasts alike. But the latest news about removing 200 vehicles from GTA Online has sparked outrage in the gaming community.


  • GTA Online faces the removal of 200Less Used” Vehicles.
  • Removed vehicles mainly include Vehicles with two doors, four doors, Off-Roads, Luxury Cars, and Motorcycles.
  • Acquiring these cars will now require a GTA+ membership, which has created outrage among the community. 

Rockstar continually updates GTA Online with new content to keep players engaged. Gamers love to experience the innovative Career Progress feature that tracks your advancement as you climb the criminal hierarchy and build your own empire.

But the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. Thus, Rockstar Games removed around 200 vehicles from the in-game websites in their latest San Andreas Mercenaries update. This move aims to simplify the available choices for players.

Rockstar Intel compiled a database of the delisted vehicles, revealing Rockstar‘s decision based on low player demand. While Rockstar won’t permanently remove the vehicles, players will no longer have the option to purchase them directly. Players can encounter them in the rotating Vinewood Car Club or through The Lucky Wheel, with access to the former requiring a GTA+ membership.

The delisting of vehicles in GTA Online was expected after a Rockstar Newswire update mentioned that some vehicles would be removed for a smoother purchasing experience. However, the update did not specify the number of vehicles to be removed.

Understandably, players are upset with the recent revelation that nearly 200 vehicles will be delisted. Acquiring these cars will now require a GTA+ membership; even winning them from the wheel is not an ideal solution.

Rockstar Removes 200 "Less Used" Vehicles From GTA Online
Rockstar Removes 200 “Less Used” Vehicles From GTA Online

You can find the removed GTA Online vehicles here:

The removed Southern San Andreas Super Cars are as follows:

  • Vehicles with 2 doors: Peyote Gasser, Zion Classic, Turbo Nebula, Issi Sports, Let’s go, Fuck it, Ruiner, Romero, Prairie, Michelli GT, Fagaloa, Hermes, detained, Tornado Rat-Rod, Racecar Massacre, Jester Racecar, Pigalle, Blade, Picador, F620, fusilados, Penumbra, Sentinel, Rat-Loader, Schwartz, Zion Cabrio, Zion, Gauntlet, Vigero, Isi.
  • Vehicles with 4 doors: Seminole Frontier, Dynasty, Tulip, BeeJay XL, FQ2, Serrano, Habanero, Cheburek, Streiter, Frankenstein, jack, Oracle Xs, Shafter, Surge, Warrener, Queen, Primo, Buffalo, Buffalo S, Tailgater, sixth, Ranger, Ingot, Intruder, Minivan, premier, Radius, Tin, Stratum, Washington, Asterope, parade, Fugitives, Diletta.
  • Off-Roads: Hellion, Riata, Seminoles, Kalahari, Rebel, Sanking SWB, Bodhi, Dune Buggy, Rebel, Injection, Bison.
  • Luxury Cars: Landstalker XL, Patriot, Contender, Landstalker, Gresley, Ballers, Cavalcade 2nd Gen, Cavalcade, Rocoto, Felon GT, Felon, Oracle.
  • Motorcycles: Wolfsbane, Esskey, Greedy, Zombie Bobber, Daemon, Rat-Bike, Bagger, Faggio Mod, Fagio Sport, Cliffhanger, Enduro, Nemesis, Hakuchou, Innovation, Sovereign, Hot Rod Blazer, Beat 801RR, Ruffian, Vader, Blazer, PCJ 600, rubbish, Faggio, Akumal, Double T, Hexer.

The removed Legendary Motorsport vehicles are as follows:

  • Vehicles with 2 doors: Tigon, Morgon, Zorruso, Locust, Neo, Paragon R, S80RR, diversion, Stafford, Swingers, Comet SR, Hustler, 190Z, GT500, Viserys, savestra, SC1, Cyclone, Rapid GT Classic, XA-21, Bullfighter, Ruston, GP1, rape, Lynx, ETR1, Tyre, RE-7B, Seven-70, 811, Verlierer, Brawler, Coquette BlackFin, Stirling GT, GT Fury, Jester, Alpha, Z-Type, Stinger GT, Stinger, JB700, Cheetah, Entity XF, Cognoscenti Cabrio, Coquette, Feltzer, Inferno, 9F Convertible, 9F, Comet, Cow, Bullet, Carbonize, vault, Rapid GT Cabrio, Rapid GT, Surrano.
  • Vehicles with 4 doors: Stafford, Rebel, Raiden, XLS, Roosevelt Valor, Roosevelt, Cognoscenti 55, Cognoscenti, Baller LWB, Shafter LWB, Exemplary, Super Diamond.
  • Motorcycles: Thrust.
  • Warstock Cache & Carry: Lifeguard Granger, Lifeguard Blazer, MW Mesa.
  • Benny’s Original Motor Works: Comet.

Fortunately, the Mercenaries mode update brings some exciting additions to GTA Online. The Project Overthrow missions offer thrilling encounters with Merrryweather Security, while LSA Operations allow players to unlock new outfits during covert operations.

Alongside these missions, there are also new vehicles and weapons to explore. For long-time players of GTA Online, this update is worth exploring. Additionally, considering the backlash from fans regarding the vehicle changes, Rockstar may introduce alternative methods to obtain these vehicles in the future, while still maintaining the streamlined in-game websites.

In sum, whatever this update may bring in future, one thing is sure that the removal of these vehicles sure has created quite an outrage among fans. What are your thoughts about this move by Rockstar Games? Let us know in the comments.

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