Rumor Suggests New Mass Effect To Ditch Open-World In Classic Format

Insider Jez Corden hints at a return to the traditional Mass Effect formula, abandoning open-world elements that didn't resonate with fans.

Rumor Suggests Mass Effect to Ditch Open World in Classic Format
Rumor Suggests Mass Effect to Ditch Open World in Classic Format

Recent rumors are swirling in the gaming community, suggesting that the next installment of Mass Effect is veering away from the open-world format seen in the previous game. Jez Corden, a reliable insider, brought this speculation to light during a podcast discussion, fueling fan conversations.


  • Rumors indicate that the upcoming Mass Effect title is reverting to its traditional non-open-world format, as suggested by insider Jez Corden. This potential change contrasts with the criticized open-world elements in the previous game.
  • The shift away from open-world gameplay may be influenced by player dissatisfaction with the emptiness and criticism surrounding these features in the last game.
  • Although the game’s teaser was unveiled in 2020 by BioWare, no official release date has been announced. BioWare has yet to confirm or deny the shift in gameplay style.

The potential shift in direction stems from the mixed reception of Mass Effect: Andromeda, which incorporated open-world elements that failed to impress players. The game fell short in various aspects, from lacking fundamental features to delivering a narrative that couldn’t match the beloved original trilogy’s appeal.

BioWare, the renowned studio behind Mass Effect, hasn’t officially confirmed this change in approach, so it’s essential to take these rumors with a healthy dose of skepticism. While the return to the series’ roots is enticing for fans, it’s crucial to awCordenait official announcements before setting expectations in stone.

In 2020, BioWare tantalized fans with a mesmerizing trailer that offered glimpses of the upcoming Mass Effect title. This teaser suggested a journey back to the Milky Way galaxy and possibly intertwining with the cherished original trilogy. Despite the excitement it generated, BioWare has yet to disclose a precise release date or timeframe, leaving enthusiasts eagerly awaiting further information as the project develops.

Currently, BioWare is also busy developing Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. The studio recently made headlines by laying off approximately 50 employees to ensure the company’s financial stability. Nevertheless, reports indicate that the Mass Effect and Dragon Age projects are advancing smoothly without significant obstacles.

As we look to the future of Mass Effect, the possibility of a return to its classic format is both exciting and promising. Still, it’s essential to exercise patience and await official updates from BioWare as they continue to work on these highly anticipated titles.

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