Scalebound Could Be Getting A Continuation

It has recently been rumored that Scalebound could be getting a continuation and it is exciting for fans of the game

Scalebound Could Be Getting A Continuation
Scalebound Could Be Getting A Continuation

Scalebound is often considered one of the greatest missed opportunities in Microsoft’s and general gaming history. The idea for the game worked so well, and everyone was excited about it, but the game was canceled due to multiple issues stacking up. The good news is that it might be getting a revival, so let’s go ahead and look at what we could be in for with Scalebound’s continuation.


  • Scalebound could be coming back, and we could see the finished game. 
  • The news came from a recent edition of the Xbox Era Podcast by @Shpeshal_Nick. 
  • The news had no further details on whether it would continue previous development or start from scratch.

The fact that Scalebound has remained within the gaming communities consciousness for many years is awe-inspiring. It is even more impressive when considering that the game was never released. The good news is that this might be rectified soon, and we could see a full version of Scalebound that would be playable. We got this from @Shpeshal_Nick’s Xbox-era podcast, where Platinum Games bringing back the title was discussed.

Sadly all that was discussed was the possibility of the game returning with no further details. We don’t even know if the game would pick up from previous development or if it would start from scratch. So while we can be hopeful about the game’s future from now on, it is far from detailed or even guaranteed.

Scalebound was going to be an action-adventure fantasy game focused on the adventure of a young man named Drew and his dragon partner Thuban. The game would be centered around mechanics for these two ranging from combat to healing. Even if one died, the other would as well. Other features would have included multiple weapons that would degrade over time and a four-player co-op mode. There is still a lot of potential with this series, so it would be great to see it brought back.

That is all that we have on Scalebound could be getting a continuation. At the same time, now that you are here, why not check out our article on PlayStation Working On Automatic Digital Wish List Item Purchase.

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