Scrapped Fortnite Cosmetics Could Appear Later As New Assets In The Game

We have gotten a look at some scrapped cosmetics for Fortnite and the good news is that scrapped Fortnite cosmetics could appear later.

Scrapped Fortnite Cosmetics
Scrapped Fortnite Cosmetics

To say that Fortnite is a game with a lot of content would be an understatement, but not everything makes it into the game. A lot of content gets cut so other pieces can see the light of day, providing players with valuable experience. This does not mean that this content is lost; for example, we have found some scrapped Fortnite cosmetics that could appear later in the game.


  • An artist at Epic Games has unveiled some character cosmetics concept art.
  • There is a good chance that this art could be reused later in the game.
  • This art was initially found by famous leaker @Hypex over on Twitter.


Scrapped Fortnite Cosmetics Could Appear Later
Scrapped Fortnite Cosmetics Could Appear Later

Recently, the Fortnite audience saw concept arts showing a completely different cosmetics class. Each cosmetic had a working title that gives us an idea of what they would’ve been titled in-game.

In order, you had the sci-fi girl, the bear, the fox, the dancer, the dream demon, and the medical soldier. All of the art looks fantastic and, no doubt, would’ve looked great as functioning cosmetics in the game.

Not all hope is lost because there’s always the chance that scrapped Fortnite cosmetics could appear later as new cosmetics in the game. This kind of recycling often happens at various game studios, and Epic Games is no different. So there is a strong chance that we can see these designs implemented later, either as they are or with modifications for later designs. Only time will tell if we get to see this.

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