Game From Scream Franchise Hinted To Be In Development

Rumors swirl about a potential video game adaptation of the iconic Scream franchise, with Supermassive Games as a speculated developer.

Game from Scream Franchise Hinted to be in Development
Game from Scream Franchise Hinted to be in Development

After a recent leak, speculation about a possible Scream franchise video game abounds. The latest details suggest that Supermassive Games is emerging as a potential developer.


  • The latest details point at a game based on the Scream franchise in development, with Supermassive Games speculated as the developer.
  • Limited information and the absence of concrete evidence emphasize the need for caution.
  • A narrative-driven horror game with player choices and character fates could be in the works if true. Despite the franchise’s iconic status, it has yet to establish a significant presence in the gaming industry.

After a tweet by thetipsterVG, rumors are circulating within the gaming community, hinting at the possible development of a game based on the iconic Scream franchise. While these claims come from a leaker who initially did not know the developer behind this project, they now speculate that Supermassive Games might be involved.

Given Supermassive Games’ track record in the horror genre, this choice seems fitting if the project indeed materializes. However, it’s essential to approach this information cautiously, as it lacks concrete evidence. The Scream franchise, known for its thrilling and suspenseful narratives, appears to be venturing into the realm of video games. 

Despite these intriguing rumors, details about the alleged Scream game remain scarce. The identity of the game’s developer remains a mystery, with Supermassive Games being a speculative but promising choice. Other studios in line for this are Tarsier Studios and Quantic Dream. 

However, it’s important to exercise restraint and avoid premature conclusions. The information the leaker shared dates back to May, and circumstances may have evolved since then. Additionally, the lack of substantial details about the game raises questions about its authenticity, even considering the leaker’s credible track record.

If Supermassive Games is involved, it raises the possibility of a narrative-driven horror game akin to their previous titles like “Until Dawn.” Such a game could empower players to make choices that influence the fates of characters and the identity of Ghostface, adding depth and replayability to the experience.

The Scream franchise has enjoyed enduring popularity, with six films, a television series, and appearances in notable games like Dead by Daylight. Despite its iconic status, the franchise has yet to significantly impact the video game industry that matches its cinematic success.

As speculation brews, fans eagerly await official confirmation and further details about this potential addition to the Scream franchise’s legacy in the gaming world. More details are expected soon. Thus, fans have been captivated by these developments. What are your thoughts about these recent leaks? Let us know in the comments section.

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