Shinji Mikami’s New Capcom Game Could Be Dino Crisis

Shinji Mikami's new Capcom game is an unknown for the time being but we have an idea of what it could be and how he is involved.

Shinji Mikami's new Capcom Game
Shinji Mikami's new Capcom Game

A new possible leak of Shinji Mikami reveals that a new game is coming from him and Capcom. Shinji Mikami’s new Capcom game is coming, and while the game was only referred to as unknown, we have a few ideas of what the game could be.


  • The game is currently an unknown title from Capcom.
  • Shinji Mikami’s role in the game is currently not listed, but some speculations reveal it could be Dino Crisis.

Shinji Makami Announcement
Shinji Makami Announcement

The latest details come from an image from a Facebook post circulating the internet. This project has been in development for a while, and we now know little about it other than Shinji Mikami is attached, and it will be a remake of some kind.

According to the possible announcement from Shinji Mikami, the upcoming release is a remake of when the game is revealed in the trailer, but for now, fans are speculating. Some had wondered if this would be another entry to the Evil Within franchise, but that is unlikely. It is doubtful because, as said in the post, it will be a remake, not a new entry in the series.

Shinji Makami Announcment Comments
Shinji Makami Announcment Comments

Since it is a remake, it seems like it could be a Dino Crisis. This makes sense; there has not been anything on the series in a while, and it does have a connection to Shinji. It is one of the many games he worked on, but it was also one of the earlier games that helped cement his career. This does leave many wondering in what capacity he would be involved in the game development.

It seems unlikely that he is the game’s director, as that has not been announced. There is a good possibility that he could be a developer, though, taking on a leadership position without having all the responsibility. Shinji is in his 60s now, but he still enjoys making games.

One of the latest titles he worked on was Ghostwire Tokyo, so he is still very much in the industry. It means he could be the director, which hasn’t been confirmed. No matter what role he will have in the game, it seems like it will be bound to be great.

Shinji Mikami’s new Capcom game will be revealed soon, but that is all we have on it for now.

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