Skate Is Seemingly Beginning Play Testing

A leak has revealed that Skate is beginning play testing soon and some of the required specs for the game to be played.

Skate Is Beginning Play Testing
Skate Is Beginning Play Testing

It’s funny that for the popularity that skateboarding once had, there weren’t more games centered around the concept. We did have a few, but even those dropped off, leaving us with only the occasional Tony Hawk game. But now that appears to be changing as they will release a new Skate game, which is coming sooner than you might think. The new Skate is beginning play testing, while also revealing the new game specs with it.


  • A playtester has leaked that Skate will begin to play testing soon and what they will focus on with the test.
  • The leak also detailed the system requirements for the test so we could see what the game might run like.
  • This play tester was anonymous in the post, but they copy-pasted the letter from EA into the post, so it does lend some credibility.

Skate is probably the second most recognizable skateboarding franchise after the Tony Hawk series. But it has been thirteen years since the last game was released, so to say that fans have been waiting a while would be an understatement. So with the leak, fans of the series should be excited to see it again, and for the details we have learned. You can check out the post on Reddit.

The leaker first reveals the actual email message that came with the specs for the game. It was a cursory invite for the play test that mostly talked about wanting the player to see how they improved the gameplay and the environment. The fact that they even talk about the environment is great, as that is usually lacking in skating games.

Next, we can move on to the most technical and specific part of the leak, the game specs. First, this will be a Windows-only game that needs Windows 10 64-bit. You will also need an Intel Core i5-6600k, 8GB RAM, and a GeForce GTX 1060 3GB/Radeon RX 480 4GB or comparable graphics card with at least a VRAM of 3+GB. You will also need a DirectX version: 12.0 and Nvidia driver version 516.79 or something higher.

Interestingly, these are potent specs for the game but not the most powerful I have ever seen. So this game will likely be accessible to many people with these specs. I also assume this will put it in a good position for the console, especially the Xbox, since it seems aimed at Microsoft now.

That is all we learned from the leak, but it was more than most people planned to learn. We will likely get more news on this in the coming months as the playtest goes through and development winds down. So we will keep an eye on Skate in the future and let you know any more major news.

That is all that we have on the fact that Skate is beginning play testing.

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