A New Skull And Bones Beta Rumor Has Surfaced On Twitter

A new Skull and Bones beta rumor has surfaced on Twitter that could give us the first hands-on experience of the game.

A New Skull And Bones Beta Rumor Has Come Out Cover Image
A New Skull And Bones Beta Rumor Has Come Out

There has been a recent Skull and Bones beta rumor, speculating a new date. This hint, combined with recent information we have learned, will give us a better look at Skull and Bones. So let’s go ahead and break these down in this article.


  • The new date for Skull and Bones is either a news drop or open beta.
  • The month and the date are heavily speculated on social media platforms.

Skull and Bones
Skull and Bones

This information comes to us from a leaker on Twitter from @PereaAdrien. In the tweet, he simply said to keep an eye on October 7th as an important day for the game. There are two theories as to why this game is essential. Remember, this gaming industry insider has also accurately leaked the delay announcement for Hogwarts Legacy and Forspoken.

First, this will be a vital information about the game, and we will learn more about the game on that day. This option is possible but not nearly as interesting as the second.

The second possibility is that this will be the open beta for the game. Since developers already have allowed fans to sign up for stress testing, this news is more possible. If the Skull and Bones beta rumor were accurate, that would be fantastic as players could start getting information on what the game will be like. Not to mention that this feedback could massively help the game’s development. Of course, It is just a rumor and should be taken with a grain of salt and wait for the official announcement.

Skull and Bones gameplay
Skull and Bones gameplay

Skull and Bones will be about living a pirate’s life in the seventeen hundreds. You will take to your new trade in the Indian sea and begin the game from the ground up. Growing your pirate legend is half the fun of the game and running your ship is the other.

Skull and Bones character
Skull and Bones character

The other significant aspect of the game is the ability to work with or against other players. This will benefit the upgrade mechanics of the game. It is also entirely possible that you can be set upon by other players who are seeking your treasure.

We won’t know more about this game until October 7th, so we will see what this all turns out to be and if it is the Skull and Bones beta rumor we think it is.

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