Sony Wants Personalised Content Based On Players’ Playstyle

Sony Interactive Entertainment is working on a system to provide players with content that matches their preferences and needs based on their playstyle in the particular video game, according to a recently published patent.

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  • Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently published a patent that describes a system for personalising user-generated content related to video games.
  • The patent outlines a method that utilises gameplay data to recommend videos or live-streams that align with a player’s style of play, providing personalised assistance and recommendations.
  • The system stores trigger events based on player interactions in the virtual environment, receives gameplay data, identifies play characteristics exhibited by the player, and matches them with metadata of user-generated content streams.
  • The identified streams are ranked and displayed to the player, considering the match between play characteristics and meta-data.
  • The system also analyses post-assistance actions to further refine the recommendations.

Earlier today, we came across a recently published patent from Sony Interactive Entertainment titled “PERSONALIZATION OF USER GENERATED CONTENT,” filed in November 2021 under the name of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. The patent, published earlier this month, describes a system and method for personalising user-generated content related to video games. The goal is to provide players with content that matches their preferences and needs.

In simpler terms, the patent describes a system that uses information about how a player plays a video game to recommend videos or live-streams that match their style of play. It takes into account the player’s gameplay data and the details of the content to provide personalised recommendations. These streams could be pre-recorded videos, live-streams of gameplay or tutorials related to a video game.

Exemplary display of user generated content ranked by a system for personalization of user generated content. | Source: Patent Public Search

“A system and method for providing personalized assistance in a virtual environment is disclosed. A plurality of trigger events is stored in memory, each trigger event based on a user interaction in the virtual environment. Data sent over a communication network regarding gameplay of a user associated with a media title engaged in the virtual environment is received. Play characteristics exhibited by the user based on the received data are identified,” reads the abstract for the patent.

“One or more user generated content streams that meet conditions of an identified one or more trigger events are identified. Identified streams are ranked based on a match between the play characteristics exhibited by the user and metadata of each of the identified streams. A display of the ranked streams is provided, wherein the display includes an analysis of the match.”

This patent aims to solve the problem of providing personalised assistance and recommendations for user-generated content related to video games. It acknowledges that with the abundance of digital media content and user-generated content platforms, players often face challenges in filtering and curating content based on their preferences and needs.

The patent introduces a system and method that leverages the player’s gameplay data to provide personalised recommendations. By analysing the player’s play characteristics and matching them with the meta-data of user-generated content, the system aims to present a ranked display of streams that align with the player’s preferences. This approach addresses the need for improved personalisation in discovering and accessing user-generated content, helping players find relevant content more efficiently.

According to the patent’s claims, the method involves storing trigger events based on player interactions in a video game environment. It receives data about a player’s gameplay in a video game and detects the player’s engagement with interactive objects in the particular video game.

Exemplary display of personalized user generated content provided by the system as an interstitial overlay concurrent to gameplay. | Source: Patent Public Search

Play characteristics of the player are identified based on this engagement. The method then identifies user-generated content streams that meet the conditions of trigger events. These identified streams are ranked by matching the player’s play characteristics with the meta-data of each stream. Finally, a display of the ranked streams is provided, including an analysis of the match.

Additionally, the play characteristics may involve determining the player’s skill level and preferred play style. Furthermore, the trigger events may include a player searching for a specific user-generated content stream or a series of player engagement actions associated with the particular video game.

The conditions of the trigger events require the meta-data of the player’s gameplay to match the meta-data of each identified stream. After ranking, the display also includes a warning for spoilers in the identified streams, particularly content in the video game that the player has not yet accessed.

The method also involves analysing the player’s post-assistance actions based on the provided display. The player’s play characteristics exhibited during gameplay are compared to their characteristics in the post-assistance actions, which can influence the ranking of the identified streams.

In March, we uncovered a patent from Sony Interactive Entertainment that describes a system that allows players to visually compare their current gameplay sessions with their previous ones to help them analyse their gameplay and track their progress over time.

It seems like the company aims to accomplish something similar with this system by allowing players to engage with content, specifically video tutorials, that fit their needs and preferences based on their playstyle and skill level.

As the video game and content landscape continue to evolve, this patent exemplifies Sony Interactive Entertainment’s ongoing commitment to enhancing player experiences and transforming how video game content is consumed, shared, and appreciated. The patent promises to redefine how players interact with and discover user-generated content related to video games.

By providing personalised assistance based on individual play characteristics, the system opens up new avenues for players to explore and enjoy content that genuinely resonates with their preferences and needs.

However, it is important to note that the existence of this patent does not guarantee immediate implementation or distribution of the system on Sony Interactive Entertainment’s current and future video game platforms. While the patent introduces a unique concept, it remains a publication, and the exact plans for the development and introduction of this system to players by the company are yet to be revealed.

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