Sony Is Making Wireless Earbuds For PlayStation

It has been leaked that Sony is making wireless earbuds for PlayStation and these have made PlayStation fans excited.

Sony Is Making Wireless Earbuds For PlayStation
Sony Is Making Wireless Earbuds For PlayStation

Unsurprisingly, most gaming companies now make various accessories for their consoles, and Sony is no exception. It does appear that Sony plans on changing some things up now, though, as it seems that Sony is making wireless earbuds for PlayStation.


  • Insider Gaming recently published an article stating that PlayStation will be making wireless earbuds.
  • These earbuds would come with various features that would make them useful for gaming.
  • This article gave rise to almost immediate responses from viewers, but many have wondered if they will also be compatible with the PSVR2.

Given that Sony owns a PlayStation, it is not surprising that they would start making accessories for the consoles and other systems. The fact that they may be making a set of wireless earbuds is an interesting new development, though.

In many ways, this will be similar to the Apple AirPods. These are being developed under the code-named Nomad, and we learned a little about them through these leaks. The original post we learned this from is this Reddit post.

Several features on these earbuds will be beneficial for PS players and give them many advantages. These devices will sit more accessible in the ear and should connect to your desired device wirelessly. This will mean no weight hanging over your head and no wire dragging your earbuds down.

They also come with a 5-hour battery life and a charging case that be recharged via connection to a ps5. It will also receive its updates via the PS5, a bonus.

While this is all impressive, even more speculation and rumor have started circulating about these earbuds. The biggest of these is the idea that these could tie into the PSVR2.

There is no confirmed information on this, but it would make sense for these two to be connected. The only reason I think these wouldn’t be connected is due to the idea that the PSVR2 may have a headset of its own.

Either way, these could be useful for making an immersive gaming experience. Of course, this isn’t the only project Sony and PlayStation are working on now.

This announcement also revealed that Sony was developing a new set of wireless headphones that would fulfill a similar function. They are being developed under the code name Voyager, but not much more was revealed about them within the article. We don’t even know what the price point will be for them yet.

These will be very useful for PlayStation players when they come out and provide a complete and rich gaming experience. We will keep you updated on these devices if more Leakes come out. That is all that we have on the fact that Sony is making wireless earbuds for PlayStation.

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