Crash Team Rumble Datamine Hints at Spyro Characters

Spyro's cameos surpass his own games, and Crash Team Rumble datamine confirms Spyro The Dragon content, thrilling fans.

Spyro Characters in Crash Team Rumble
Spyro Characters in Crash Team Rumble

Concept art files revealed in a data mine leak of Crash Team Rumble strongly suggest the upcoming inclusion of Spyro and Ripto characters in the game.


  • Recent datamine leaks suggest Spyro character addition in Crash Team Rumble.
  • Emblems representing unrevealed characters have heightened anticipation for the forthcoming Spyro content.

Players of the recently launched Crash Team Rumble are eagerly anticipating future updates, with a roadmap confirming the addition of N.Gin and Ripper Roo to the roster. However, intriguing hints within the game indicate an even more substantial update on the horizon.

Recently, Shadowluigi37 found files in the games database hinting at adding Spyro characters. The two files ending in Spyro indicate and validate this claim.

Previously, KrystalVixon highlighted a discovery in Crash Team Rumble‘s battle pass, where the concept art in the 71st tier, titled “Dragon Vision,” hints at the upcoming addition of Spyro content. This is arousing curiosity and speculation among fans. Fans have found clues like the name “Dragon Vision,” crystal dragons, and distant-level portals on the map. Crash Team Rumble’s concept art in the battle pass strongly suggests a Spyro crossover. 

The presence of Crash riding a dragon in the concept art of Crash Team Rumble, along with other clues like the temple resembling Spyro’s game and the castle resembling an older version of Cortex’s, strongly suggests a crossover between the two universes, sparking excitement about a potential clash in the multiverse.

Crash Team Rumble Hints at Spyro Characters
Crash Team Rumble concept art confirms Spyro The Dragon content, thrilling fans.

Spyro and Ripto joining Crash Team Rumble have been an open secret. The website’s character banner, featuring emblems of announced and unannounced characters, strongly indicated their inclusion and excited observant fans.

The game’s website featured emblems hinting at Spyro the Dragon content. This included an emblem with Spyro’s wing (initially mistaken for Catbat) and another with Ripto’s amulet. Additional emblems representing unrevealed characters, some featured in Wumpa League concept art, have heightened anticipation for the forthcoming Spyro content.

Fans sure are happy about his new confirmation of addition. What are your thoughts about this advancement? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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