Star Citizen Leaked Video Shows Awesome New Details

The new Star Citizen leaked video shows how much the game has improved and how close it might be to coming out.

Star Citizen Leaked Video Show Astounding Footage
Star Citizen Leaked Video Show Astounding Footage

The new Star Citizen leaked video that recently dropped showcases just how far the game has come in its long development period. From the excessive time in development to the massive amount of money put forward, this game has a lot to live up to. Fortunately, the leaked video has made some comfortable and intrigued others.


  • A new Star Citizen leak is giving everyone a good look at how far the game has come.
  • The graphics of the game above average and show great promise for players.
  • The video also showed off some in game interactions and even what mass combat could look like.

Star Citizen Leaked Video Ship
Star Citizen Leaked Video Ship

This video is labeled for an internal review, so while it might be cut down before the initial release, this game looks fantastic. The entire video established the game’s progress and the potential it could have upon release. As such, the game leak could best be broken down into both the assets of the game and the functions in the game.

In terms of the in-game assets, this project is beginning to look outstanding even when compared to some of the other games that have come out in recent years. The in-game footage almost appears as cinematic CGI at times and, combined with some highly detailed ship designs, makes the game immersive.

The second is the game’s functionality, and it has to be said that this looks almost as good as the visuals. It is smooth gameplay that looks like it plays well whether you are exploring the universe, interacting with characters, or locked in space combat. There doesn’t seem to be a shift in graphics between ships or based on the various interaction you can have, which is always a good sign.

Star Citizen Leaked Video Solar Station
Star Citizen Leaked Video Solar Station

Star Citizen has had one of the more turbulent development histories for a video game in the last decade and has been delayed several times. These videos leak share insight with many who had started to doubt whether the game would come out with some hope. It is not a guarantee as the game still has hurdles to clear, and the amount of money invested complicates returns.

There is still no release date for Star Citizen at this point, and considering this was a leak, not a trailer, it could be a while until we have one. But for the time being, at least things with star citizens appear to be on the right track.

Star Citizen Leaked Video Firing Ship
Star Citizen Leaked Video Firing Ship

Star Citizen will be a multiplayer online science-fiction game where players can take to the stars and become anything they want. You can be a mercenary, a trader, a seller, and even a pirate if that’s what you want.

The multiplayer part of the game will also be vital to players as it appears you can form alliances with other players. From a look at this given in the leak, this could spiral into a fleet-wide battle.

That is all we have from the Star Citizen leaked video, but we will keep an eye out for more of these in the future.

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