Starfield Controller Details Leaked Ahead Of Release

The Starfield Controller allegedly leaked and it is giving us a great look at what we might see from the game when it releases.

Starfield Controller Leaked Ahead of Release
Starfield Controller Leaked Ahead of Release

Starfield is easily one of this year’s most anticipated games, and we keep getting more and more. We have not only found out more about the game itself, but we are also finding out a lot about accessories that are planned to go out with it. In this case, the Starfield Controller Leaked, and we will be looking at it. This tells us a bit about the game and how much effort is being put into marketing and promoting it.


  • There had been an alleged leak of a Starfield controller, but until recently, there wasn’t enough evidence to think it was real, but now that has changed.
  • Additional images have been leaked showing that the controller might be real and its specs.
  • The game itself is slated to come out later this year, and this controller gives us a better look at the game.

The idea of video games releasing controllers as a tie-in is pretty common. Usually, they are just a reskin or even a simple overlay on an existing controller. Occasionally, a developer or creator will design a fully customized controller. These are often redesigned from the ground up to reflect the game they are associated with and can look unique.

The Starfield controller is in the second category, one of the most impressive controller redesigns we have seen in recent years. It is modeled on the spacecraft that we have seen in-game footage. There is a lot of additional detail added on, such as the pad having a dial around it or the control sticks having navigation markers. The triggers are even clear, which is an interesting-looking and unusual feature. This was originally reported by Rebs Gaming on Twitter.

I think that this, more than anything else, really leans into what we have seen some of in the trailer, the idea of piloting your spaceship. The controller resembles the controls you will undoubtedly have in the game, and it can do so much for your immersion. More than this, though, it really seems to point to the fact that the ship will be an important aspect of the game.

No series that Bethesda currently works on, whether Fallout, Elder Scrolls, or Doom, actively uses a vehicle as a main component. None of these have vehicles, with the closest you can get being mounts in Skyrim. So it is clear that Starfield aims to be something more than just a redux of previous Bethesda games.

Keep in mind that this game is supposed to be the launch of a new franchise, and this new concept makes sense. Since the earliest rumors, this game is supposed to be about using a spacecraft and exploring unknown planets. The game does not appear to be veering away from this in any way, so we can still look forward to doing all of this. I think it is safe to say that we can look forward to the traditional Bethesda epic scale, and we will be able to do it all with this custom controller.

That is all that we have on the Starfield Controller Leaked.

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