Starfield Showcase Announcement Is Coming Sooner Than Expected

Apparently, the Starfield announcement is coming soon, thus giving players hope to see the latest details of the upcoming title

A Starfield Announcement Is Coming Cover Image
A Starfield Announcement Is Coming

Starfield is quickly becoming one of those games everyone would like to try, but no one is sure it will come out. It is not uncommon for games to take a while, even before delays, but we have been waiting awfully for Starfield, considering the last game they released was the Skyrim special edition in 2016. But now we are finally getting some hope, as we will be getting a Starfield Showcase announcement coming soon.


  • Starfield is by far and away one of the longest-developed video games for Bethesda that be eight years from the studio’s last release.
  • According to multiple sources, there is supposed to be an official announcement that could be coming as soon as the next week.
  • This showcase should give us our first real look at Starfield and what it can offer players.

I would say that Starfield could be one of the best games that Bethesda has released, and that is saying something, given their extensive lineup. But the idea of taking the Bethesda formula and shooting it into space just has such an exquisite ring. I feel like few games have ever really used that setting to the best of their abilities.

The fact that we haven’t heard very much about the game since the initial trailer has concerned us to some degree, but it seems that this is about to change. Multiple sources have stated that Starfield will receive an announcement next week. The timing of this drop would be great news considering that the game is supposed to be coming out the next year.

We don’t currently know what details are supposed to drop, but Andy Robinson took to Twitter to say that the game will be announcing something soon. At the same Jez and Rand on the Xbox 2 podcast said that an announcement would be coming in a week. This information from multiple sources tells us we are in for something good.

I hope for at least a gameplay trailer, and even better would be an actual section of gameplay for us to see. We know surprisingly little about a game coming out this year, and it would be good to see it in action. This reveal would also make people more likely to get preorders if they knew what the game would be like.

We know that the game is going t be set in space and will feature many of the elements we have seen in other Bethesda games. So I think we can look forward to many fun locations to explore and an eccentric cast of characters to interact with.

From the initial trailer, it also looks like we will get a vehicle you don’t often see in Bethesda games. It appears that a good focus of the game will be around you and your spaceship, which should be interesting.

That is all we have on the Starfield Showcase announcement, but we will keep an eye out for more news.

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