Starfield’s Release Date Expected For June

It has been rumored that Starfield's release may be in June by Jez Corden and it has many Starfield fans excited for the possibilities.

Starfield's Release Date
Starfield's Release Date

It has long been known that Starfield has had some trouble getting an official release date. This has been due to various factors that have affected the progress and development of the game, but now there may be news. According to Jez Corden, Starfield’s release date is expected to be June, which would be great news for those awaiting the series. So let’s go ahead and see if this could be true and what it would mean for the game.


  • Starfields release will happen sometime in June, according to Jez Corden.
  • A release in June is possible, given the various setbacks that the game has had during development.
  • Many game fans think the release date will be sooner, but there is also a good chance it could have come out way later.

A video game’s release window is decided by various factors ranging from the staff on hand to the delays it encounters. It would be great news when we look at Starfield, and Jez Corden thinks it could come out in June. Starfield has been one of the most anticipated games in recent years, but its release window has been unknown for several reasons.

One of the biggest reasons we hadn’t known when Starfield was going to release was all the advancements the game was going to have. It was supposed to be technically equivalent to Doom or Fallout 4 but with space as the map. This sounded ambitious to most, making sense that it would take a long time to complete. Then something happened that made this date seem even further.

At the beginning of 2023, we saw the layoff of various Microsoft employees, including those that worked at Bethesda. If that date in June is valid, many of these employees had completed their work before the layoff. It was still a potentially ominous sign for the game, though, and a release in June might mean something.

While I do not doubt that Starfield will still be an awe-inspiring game, there is a good chance that this release window will dictate a few things. One is that that game might have fewer features than were initially planned.

This is not unexpected in game development, but it can still be disappointing. The second and more concerning will be the amount of time the game gets for polishing.

Now Bethesda games are known for being technologically tremendous and for having detailed and enthralling stories. The one area they do tend to suffer in is that they are not always the most refined games and can have a lot of glitches.

With such a short release date for Starfield, I have to admit that I don’t see that changing soon. I would expect a lot of those patched in the weeks and months after release.

That is all we have on the fact that Starfield’s release date may be in June.

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