State Of Decay 3 Is Looking For Better Graphics

In a latest interview Matt Booty of Xbox Game Studios shared new information on State of Decay 3, looking for better graphics.

State Of Decay 3 Is Looking For Better Graphics
State Of Decay 3 Is Looking For Better Graphics

State of Decay 3 details have come a long way since its official announcement. This has left us in a quandary as to what the game might be like and what we can expect. With this anticipation, we recently saw another State of Decay 3 detail shared through an interview with Matt Booty. According to him, the game’s upcoming release is focusing more on graphics to produce a unique experience of engaging players with the environment.


  • In the latest interview with Xbox Head of Studios, Matt Booty shared some new details on the upcoming State of Decay 3.
  • According to him, the upcoming release is focusing on Graphics to really push the gaming experience of players.

In an interview, Matt Booty recently shared some new details on the State of Decay 3, adding fuel to the anticipation among fans. Matt says in the statement that they were looking to upgrade the graphics for State Of Decay 3. Meanwhile, this upgrade will also allow players to connect and interact with the surrounding environment, paving the way for unique gaming experience.

This upgrade would not be amiss in the State Of Decay series. Just look at the graphics upgrades between the first and second games and you will notice the difference and what can we expect from an upcoming entry in the series.

We want State of Decay 3 to compete visually. The team is really focused on animation, the interactivity between the player and the environment. Some of the things The Coalition is working on for their project directly applies to that, so there is a lot of sharing.

Although details on State Of Decay 3 are few and far between, that does not mean they are nonexistent. For one thing, we know this particular entry in the series is under development in Unreal Engine 5. This would be a significant upgrade for the game compared to its predecessors. This also keeps in line with the news that they are trying to upgrade the game’s graphics.

We also got the impression from the trailer that the game’s theme will again focus on survival. This is not a bad thing, though, as it has been the mainstay of the series and is a pillar of the whole genre. So knowing that they are going to be going too far off base with this entry should be reassuring to many.

The State Of Decay series is a survival horror game based on the idea of surviving a zombie apocalypse. The factors that made State Of Decay different from other entries in the genre were its survival mechanics and survivor recruitment system. Both of these things help give a series its signature flair.

When it came to survival, survivors needed to keep an eye on their supplies. Food, medicine, and other resources are essential to surviving in the apocalyptic and zombie-filled world. To keep these up, you have to go out and scavenge for the supplies and then bring them back to your base. This encouraged players to keep going out into the game world and exploring further and further.

That is about it for the latest news on the State of Decay 3. What are your thoughts on the game’s developer moving forward for graphics experience? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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