Street Fighter 6 Suffering From Denuvo Performance Issues, Fans Callout Capcom

After the quite addition of Denuvo to Street Fighter 6, fans are comparing the Beta version to the DRM version for performance impedements.

Street Fighter 6 Denuvo
.Street Fighter 6 Denuvo

After the failure of Street Fighter V, concerning input lag, characters’ power imbalance, and online issues, Street Fighter 6 is also being called out for its performance issues. Capcom faced backlash for silently adding Denuvo to the game only six days before its release. This silent move has already created quite a gossip in the gaming world. But several issues arise as the players explore the game, putting Capcom’s latest release into deep waters.


  • Capcom quietly added Denuvo to Street Fighter 6 six days before the release.
  • Comparison with the Beta version has hinted at the similarities of segments in the DRM version. Along with similarities, highlighting the performance issues with the DRM version.
  • FPS degradation is the major complication highlighted by gamers.

Several players, excited by the release of Capcom’s Street Fighter 6, have been following the test version of the game. The Beta Version, released in May, had created quite a hype for the game. It had created quite an anticipation for the actual release.

The Beta Version was beautified by the plethora of modes and options available, the aesthetics of the battle hub, and the upgradation of the net code. This has earned it the reputation of being one of the best Beta versions ever released.

Street Fighter 6 Denovo Added Version FPS
.Street Fighter 6 Denovo Added Version FPS

However, gamers worldwide compare the recently released DRM version with the game’s Beta Version. This comparison surfaced after the gamers felt a degradation in performance at times while playing the game. 


  • Beta Version: A beta version of a game is an early, pre-released version made available to a limited audience for testing and feedback purposes.
  • DRM Version: A DRM version of a game refers to a version that includes Digital Rights Management technology to protect against unauthorized copying and distribution.
  • Denuvo: Game developers use Denuvo, an anti-piracy technology, to protect games from unauthorized copying and distribution.

Apart from the degradation point, the people’s first concern is, “IS THE DRM VERSION JUST A SWITCHED PORTRYAL OF THE DEMO MODEL?” The concern was founded because the saving directory is the same for both DRM and Demo versions, being run on the same system specifications and settings and recording the game for comparison. 

Furthermore, there is no visible performance change in the one-on-one gaming mode. Instead, at times the Beta version performs better. But the main concern lies with the open world dynamics. When you start the new DRM version, you see it runs on no more than 70 to 80 FPS, in contrast to the Beta Version, which runs on 100+ FPS.

But as we keep on playing the game, we see that the FPS rate increases with occasions of it performing at least 10 FPS better than the Beta Version. However, our usual expectation with the DRM versions, with Denuvo added, is much better than Beta Versions. Still, this episode of FPS degradation has raised quite a concern about the fate of Street Fighter 6, given the dark history of its predecessor, Street Fighter 5.

For now, this Street Fighter 6 Denuvo case is here to stay, and we will see whether Capcom decides to remove it. 

That is about it for our guide on Denuvo addition in Street Fighter 6. What are your thoughts on the latest title and the Denuvo DRM? Share with us in the comments section below.

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