Suicide Squad To Be Delayed to 2024

It has been leaked that Suicide Squad to be Delayed to 2024 and that is going to have big consequences for the game.

Suicide Squad To Be Delayed to 2024
Suicide Squad To Be Delayed to 2024

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League has had a rough go since it was revealed at the State Of Play, and that doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon. The game has been inundated with negative criticism since that release, and now the devs are responding to this. This has caused Suicide Squad to be Delayed to 2024. There are a few different reasons why this may have happened, and we can speculate on the changes that may be made to the game.


  • Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League was teased at the State Of Play to mostly negative reviews and responses.
  • In response, Rocksteady had initially delayed the game to the end of 2023, but that appears to have been changed to 2024.
  • There is no official release for this yet, but inside sources have leaked the info, so it is only a matter of time before the company is forced to comment and disclose the reasons.

Rocksteady has earned a reputation for creating fantastic games, particularly superhero games, and did so with one of the hardest characters to do so. When Rocksteady decided to take on the concept of a batman game, nobody had initially thought that it could work.

Much to everyone’s joy, though, we were wrong, and it seems to have launched a new age of superhero games. After finishing the Arkham Series, Rocksteady would be assigned to handle another property in the same universe in the form of a Suicide Squad game.

Now Suicide Squad is a tricky property that has not been that popular despite DC’s attempts to push it. That having been said, it is possible that Rocksteady could have changed this with a great story and some unique mechanics.

Most of the Suicide Squad lends itself to stealth mechanics and gadget gameplay with some martial arts. Rocksteady’s bread and butter, so it should have worked perfectly. Then we got a name drop, and instantly, a mild worry started to build for any comic fan as It didn’t make much sense. Then we got our state of the play reveals.

State of Play is often a place where we see a lot of hype for a new game, and despite some reservations, many were still excited to see what this game would look like. It turns what it looked like was every other looter shooter live service game that we have seen in the past ten years.

Saying disappointment was the initial response would be fair, but that quickly shifted to something more. Most of the audience quickly let the studio and publisher know exactly what they thought of this.

Now Rocksteady and Warner Bros. are left with a game in six years of development, and no one wants to play it. So as a temporary measure, the game was pushed back into late 2023. But it seems that this might not have been enough, as Jeff Grubb reported in the Game Mess Decides podcast that Suicide Squad to be Delayed to 2024.

Now it’s not like we haven’t seen games pushed back before just to allow them to be polished. This happened with Halo Infinite, which worked well for the game. There is a difference between the two games, though, as Halo just needed to look better.

Everything else in the game was working fine. That is not the case with Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League.

A live service game is built around the looter shooter model. Looter shooters are all about gaining equipment and leveling up rather than just leveling up. This was originally a very fun system when it was used for games like Diablo and Borderlands.

When you could design your whole builds around this model and go from there. Then an issue came with the live service model, and that is the microtransaction.

Now in the original form of a live service game, they were based around loot boxes, and to be honest, that may have been something this game had also started with. Then governments got involved when everyone realized it was straight-up gambling. Then we got the battle pass system as well as individual micro-transaction. This was supposed to be a compromise that ensured the future of live service games.

It turns out it wouldn’t be, and nearly ten live services games that began or have come out since Suicide Squad started development have ended service. It turns out that the audience doesn’t like a model that places more giving money on the publisher than providing a playable game.

So at that fateful State Of Play, when they unveiled the game to be live service, people didn’t happen. It would matter if it were the best live service ever made because people don’t want to play those.

Suicide Squad will need to rework its entire gameplay structure, and while I still think the company is talented, I doubt they could do that in a year. From the ground up, this was supposed to be a live service game, so changing that is almost out of the question. Worse, by going with that method of game development, they actively cut off what could have made the game unique.

When people heard that a suicide game was coming from Rocksteady, it was easy to picture a steady development for the characters. Captain boomerang would unlock different types of boomerangs while fairly could unlock different themed gadgets of her own.

Each character would likely have their fighting style, so as you can imagine, the audience was excited. What nobody wanted and neither did they ask for was the concept that captain boomerang would wield a gun.

So, in the end, the game will overcome not only an unhappy fanbase but one that probably feels hurt by them as well. So only tie will tell what we will get from the game, but it looks like it will still be a mess.

That is all we have on the Suicide Squad To Be Delayed to 2024. At the same time, now that you are here, why not check out our article on Meta Is Planning There Own Game Subscription Service.

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