Paradox Interactive’s Surviving The Abyss Coming To Steam

It has been confirmed that Surviving the Abyss coming to Steam is happening and that means a lot for fans of Paradox Interactive titles.

Surviving The Abyss Coming To Steam
Surviving The Abyss Coming To Steam

Paradox Interactive’s new game Surviving The Abyss, has been confirmed to be coming to Steam, thanks to the Steam DB. The game is shaping up to be interesting, and its steam release is an exciting choice on the Publisher’s part. Moreover, the game sounds interesting in general, so let’s go ahead and see more details revealed on the recent listing of the game on Steamdb.


  • A new Paradox Interactive title Surviving The Abyss has been confirmed to be coming to steam by the steam DB.
  • The game is an exciting take on the grand strategy game genre and will prove an interesting title for fans.

Surviving the Abyss is finally coming to Steam as per the recent Steam DB. With the update, players can now be able to see more details that has been listed along with the recent listing. Unfortunately, for now there are not much details to draw a conclusion right now. But players can anticipate a possible official update from Paradox Interactive in the coming weeks.

Surviving The Abyss on Steamdb
Surviving The Abyss on Steamdb

We don’t even have a release date as of right now. This confirmation does come after the trademark filing that paradox interactive filed a few months ago for this title. So they have been moving fast on its development.

Well, we still don’t know a whole lot about the game. We’ve assessed a little from its tags and some general information drops. This does appear to be a grand strategy game in the same vein as Stellaris and other such titles. What appears to make this one different is that it has to do with water which presumably means an ocean. The other is that the game is listed in a post-apocalyptic category, not something we see in many Paradox Interactive titles. So this should be an interesting one for the Studio’s long-time fans.

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