Take-Two Interactive Is Laying People Off

As per latest news, Take-Two Interactive is laying people off and it could affect both the company's and gaming future.

Take-Two Interactive Is Laying People Off
Take-Two Interactive Is Laying People Off

As per the latest news, multiple stories of gaming companies adjusting to a new year with significant changes. The most significant of these changes would undoubtedly be the layoffs we see. Now another company is doing this as Take-Two Interactive is laying people off. This event will cause some shifts for both the audience and the company.


  • Jason Schreier reported that Take-Two Interactive is in the process of laying off employees.
  • The announcement stated there would be layoffs at the Private Division Label.
  • The company claims that this will not affect Devs or the development of games.

Most companies go through ups and downs where they either bring on new employees or let some go. But when a company announces that it will be laying off employees from multiple divisions, examining it with at least a little scrutiny is always a good idea.

This is especially the case with Take-Two. As they say, it won’t affect game development. We got this news from Jason Schreier on Twitter.

The thing about any significant restructuring is that it will always affect the internals of a company whether the company wants it to or not. In the case of Take-Two, it is difficult to tell precisely what will be affected because they didn’t say which divisions were being affected. It could very well be true that this won’t affect the development of games, but it could affect things like distribution.

When the company made this announcement, it also went out of its way to clarify its position on why this was happening. Their spokesman Alan Lewis spoke to Bloomberg and said, “will better align our organization with our long-term priorities.” This was also where they clarified the impact on the devs.

It’s not like the company doesn’t have successful games on the horizon, as it publishes games ranging from GTA to Civilization. This is a somewhat surprising move because both series have upcoming titles and several other series on the distant horizon. It would seem that collectively the different developers aren’t moving enough for the company to keep these divisions as is.

Of course, there is also the possibility that the company could be shifting to a more streamlined form of distribution. They could be trying to limit the number of hands the copies must pass through to reach the end consumer. It is also a possibility that they may be attempting to switch to other release avenues.

A thing that we are seeing is companies switching to online distribution as their primary. This is only happening in a limited number of markets, but it is becoming more and more prominent. Even if it isn’t being done in primary markets right now, it is something that Devs and distribution companies will have to deal with in the next few years.

That is all we have on the fact that Take-Two Interactive is laying people off.

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