The Crew 3 Is Being Announced Tomorrow

The Crew 3 being announced tomorrow and it has the entire crew fanbase in a frenzy to see what it will be and what they can expect.

The Crew 3 Being Announced Tomorrow
The Crew 3 Being Announced Tomorrow

It has been five years since the release of The Crew 2, and to say that fans have been hungry for a new one would be an understatement. But the good news is that fans may not have to be hungry for long, according to a few different hints on Twitter The Crew 3 is being announced tomorrow.


  • Based on a few leaks and hints, The Crew 3 will be announced tomorrow.
  • It is the sequel to The Crew 2, a well-received and much-beloved entry in the series.
  • While the game is still early in development, there is speculation on the new features and settings we could see.

The Crew 3 has been a long-awaited game by the fans of the crew series, and it has left them frustrated that there has been nothing on it. Outside of a few leaks here or there, no information had been directly released to the public. Now that is going to change because the game is going to be announced tomorrow.

This information comes from two different sources. One is @_firemonkey, and the other is @wajsid. The first is a well-known leaker who usually covers Fortnite, and the second got a direct response from The Crew 2 account that took him to watch the live stream tomorrow. And that is precisely where we will see what it is because they are holding a live stream announcement tomorrow at 5 pm UTC.

Now, these don’t mean that The Crew 3 is being announced tomorrow, but given all of the excitement building around it, I hope it is. If it is anything else, I imagine the backlash could be a little severe for getting everyone’s hopes up.

Crew 3 is also expected to build on many of the features that made the second entry in the game so exciting to fans. In particular, many are hoping for a more expanded roster of vehicles, possibly including some new mechanics like unusual vehicles. They also want a sizable map to explore these new toys with size and details.

While we know nothing about the vehicles in the game, there is a rumor that the map will be moved to Hawaii for this entry. That could be both an excellent map to explore and a beautiful one to watch. This is the only feature we have a rumor about, though; everything else is shrouded in mystery for now.

So it would seem that the crew has both some heavy expectations and the room to live up to that expectations. So it will all depend on what they might show us tomorrow during the live stream. So we will see precisely if all the hype was about it.

That is all that we have on The Crew 3 is being announced tomorrow, but we will keep you updated on it in the future.

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