The Crew Motorfest Beta Details Leaked

The Crew Motorfest Beta is already Leaked and it is telling us a lot about what we can expect from the upcoming game.

The Crew Motorfest Beta Leaks Tell Us W,hat We Can Expect
The Crew Motorfest Beta Leaks Tell Us What We Can Expect

Racing and vehicle-based games are going through a renaissance right now. With more to play, ranging from Lego Racing titles to official F1 games, there is a lot to keep in mind. One of the ones that everyone has been keeping their eyes on is The Crew Motorfest. The Crew games have always been popular for the freedom of choice and fun mechanics they off, and this entry will have more of the same. There have been The Crew Motorfest Beta Leaks, and they are telling us a lot about the game.


  • Someone inside The Crew Motorfest beta program has leaked several details about the game.
  • The game will feature an extensive library of vehicles, borrowing many from the second entry in the series.
  • The game will also feature several technical and quality-of-life upgrades to improve the new entry.

The Crew is an exciting series of games letting you race around in various vehicles, all in the name of trying to be the best. Now the games feature significant customization regarding the vehicles you can use and modify. This foundation made the series so popular, but the idea of racing to be the best holds a lot of appeal. Now it appears we will be doing it again but this time on a smaller and sunnier map.

The Crew Motorfest insider program leaks
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The Crew Motorfest beta leaks are giving a better idea of what we can expect from the new title, starting with the vehicles. For starters, we will have access to all the same vehicles we did in The Crew 2. We might even be able to import our vehicles from that game into Motorfest, but the leaker did say there was a possibility that could change. The importer cars would keep all the aesthetic changes you had made but remove the upgrades. Each vehicle will also have a unique dashboard.

Boats and planes have been brought in, and while they have been updated with everything else, there are no major changes. This would seem to suggest that while they will be important, their use in Hawaii may be more limited than cars.

We know this map will be smaller than the last and possibly encourage more multiplayer action through its side. The Hawaii map suggests that the boats and planes we see at least some major use.

The physics of the games has also been updated and improved. The upgrades make the cars feel real and weighty as you drive them, causing the cars to react to the maneuvers that you put them through. You can even drift using this new system; according to the leaker, it feels fantastic.

The game is also shaping to be good on its technical qualifications. We know it will have 60fps when it launches, but the leaker points out that it could be upgraded with patches. The game will not have Ray Tracing as many newer ones do. According to the leaker, the game is in a polished state, which could mean a release as early as summer though it seems more likely it will be a little later.

That is all that we have on The Crew Motorfest Beta Leaks. What are your thoughts on these leaked details? Share with us in the comments section below. 

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