First ‘The Darkness’ Remaster Teased By NightDive Studio CEO’s Tweet

CEO's tweet ignites speculation about a possible remaster or rework of the classic horror-themed FPS, 'The Darkness.'

First 'The Darkness' Remaster Teased by NightDive Studio CEO's Tweet
First 'The Darkness' Remaster

Speculation is ablaze within the gaming community, fueled by a cryptic tweet from NightDive Studios‘ CEO, Stephen Kick, hinting at the possibility of a remaster or revitalized version of the acclaimed horror-themed FPS, “The Darkness.”


  • The cryptic tweet from NightDive Studios’ CEO, Stephen Kick, triggers speculation about a remaster or reimagining of ‘The Darkness,’ a horror-themed FPS.
  • The tweet’s enigmatic nature is emphasized by Stephen Kick’s “ITS ON THE LIST” response, though this doesn’t definitively confirm active development.
  • While enthusiasm is high for a potential remaster, no concrete release date or timeline has been revealed. Gaming enthusiasts eagerly anticipate news about the revival of ‘The Darkness’ and its prospective overhaul for modern gaming platforms.

Unveiled initially on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles in 2007, ‘The Darkness’ enraptured players with its compelling storyline and innovative gameplay mechanics. Players stepped into the shoes of Jackie Estacado, an Italian-American hitman ensnared in the underworld, who deftly wielded both conventional firearms and supernatural powers. The game’s distinct blend of gunplay with eerie abilities, including summoning impish “darklings” and crafting sinister “dark tentacles,” set it apart within the realm of first-person shooters.

Stephen Kick‘s enigmatic response on Twitter piqued the intrigue. It was to a gamer’s plea for a remastered iteration of ‘The Darkness’: “It’s ON THE LIST.” However, it’s prudent to remember that it doesn’t necessarily equate to active development, even if the studio lists the game.

NightDive Studios, renowned for breathing new life into classic titles, has yet to formally announce a long-awaited edition of The Darkness remasters via its official platform. The studio is revitalizing other cherished games, including ‘Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion’ and ‘Star Wars: Dark Forces,’ which elicit nostalgia in the gaming community.

Developed by Starbreeze Studios and published by 2K, the original ‘The Darkness’ plunged players into a realm of supernatural abilities entwined with intense combat sequences. Subsequently, a sequel called ‘The Darkness II’ emerged in 2012, delving further into the mystical themes that define the series.

Moreover, concrete details regarding a release date or timeline remain elusive amid the flurry of anticipation surrounding a possible remaster. As NightDive Studios pursues its mission of resurrecting beloved classics, fervent fans await further revelations about the resurrection of ‘The Darkness’ and its potential reimagination for contemporary gaming platforms.

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