The Elder Scrolls VI Release Scheduled Later In 2026

The Elder Scrolls VI Release Date Estimated for 2026 and Exclusively for PC and Xbox.

The Elder Scrolls VI Release Scheduled Later In 2026
The Elder Scrolls VI Release Scheduled Later In 2026

Fresh information about the much-anticipated title, The Elder Scrolls VI, has come to light through the FTC v. Microsoft case. A recently disclosed court document indicates that the game’s launch is scheduled for 2026 or beyond. Furthermore, there are indications that the game will exclusively be available on PC and Xbox systems.


  • In a legal document associated with the FTC v. Microsoft case, it has been unveiled that The Elder Scrolls VI is anticipated to hit the market in 2026 or beyond.
  • The game is set to be available solely on PC and Xbox platforms.
  • This data is derived from a chart outlining “Microsoft’s strategy after acquisitions since 2018.”
  • Pete Hines, the head of publishing at Bethesda, has affirmed that the game is in its initial stages of development but stressed that the primary emphasis continues to be on Starfield.
  • Director Todd Howard envisions The Elder Scrolls VI as the “ultimate fantasy-world simulator” and reflects on the timing of the game’s announcement.

This data is from a graphical representation illustrating “Microsoft’s strategic direction post-acquisitions from 2018 onwards.” The chart mentions The Elder Scrolls VI and provides release dates or expected release windows for titles like Starfield, Deathloop, Ghostwire: Tokyo, and Redfall. Concerning The Elder Scrolls VI, the chart specifies its release date as “To Be Confirmed (TBC), but with an expected launch in 2026 or beyond.”

The chart also encompasses a “declaration regarding exclusivity” about The Elder Scrolls VI. It makes mention of a quotation from Xbox chief Phil Spencer. In the quote from a 2021 interview with GQ, Spencer emphasizes the importance of delivering the complete game experience on Xbox platforms, affirming Microsoft’s commitment to the title.

Moreover, Bethesda’s Head of Publishing, Pete Hines, recently verified that The Elder Scrolls VI has progressed beyond the pre-production phase. It is now in early development. However, Hines noted that the studio’s primary focus remains on the upcoming title Starfield. He emphasized that players shouldn’t expect to hear much about The Elder Scrolls VI anytime soon as Starfield continues to take center stage.

Todd Howard, the director overseeing The Elder Scrolls VI, shared his vision for the game. He aspired for it to become the “ultimate fantasy-world simulator.” However, when asked about the timing of the game’s announcement, he admitted to some uncertainty. He was pondering whether a more casual announcement approach might have been preferable.

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