Upcoming “The Legion Go” Will Have Detachable Controllers

We have learned that The Legion Go will have detachable controllers and this tells us a lot about future plans for the system.

The Legion Go Will Have Detachable Controllers
The Legion Go Will Have Detachable Controllers

It was recently revealed that a new handheld gaming console would be hitting the market as the Legion Go. This new device is supposed to compete with some of the best devices on the market, including the Asus Rog and the Steam Deck. But a new feature has been revealed, suggesting this device might have a loftier goal. We have learned that The Legion Go will have detachable controllers thanks to a leak that tells us about the plans for this device.


  • The Legion Go had its specs recently leaked, giving us a better look at the device and how it shapes up to its competitors.
  • It has now been leaked that the device will have detachable controllers that resemble another popular gang device.
  • This suggests that Lenovo wants this to be a severe competitor in the gaming market as soon as t is available.

The Legion Go was announced a while ago, but we have been getting the occasional leak that has told us more about it. We have covered one of those leaks, in which we discovered the device was being built to compete with other top-of-the-linetop-of-the-line devices.

Of its various new features, it would be equipped with an AMD Phoenix 7040. This alone told us how good this would be, but as it turns out, there will be more.

The Legion Go will come with the feature of having detachable controllers on the device. It will specifically have two, one mounted on either side of the device. We don’t know how far the range will be on these, but we can assume at least a few feet.

This could be set up somewhere, and you could play at some distance. The most obvious thing with this is that it can be connected to a tv and you could play on a couch or chair.

This leak is significant because it says controllers, as in plural. This means that you and your friend will be able to play together, and that means that co-op games will be available and supported on this console. That is a big deal because not all new gaming devices will come with this support.

The last thing we must discuss is where this device aims to be when it releases. We had always known that the Legion Go aims to compete with the Steam Deck and the Asus ROG, two of the larger mobile devices on the market.

But the Legion Go also aims to compete with the Switch. This controller layout and the game system’s mobile nature suggest it will be a direct competitor.

With an extensive game library of pc games and strong hardware, there is a chance that the Legion Go could be one of the next big devices. That is all we have on The Legon Go to feature detachable controllers.

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