The Meta Quest Pro Has Been Leaked

A new Meta Quest Pro leak gives us a good view of the box art and some specifics of the upcoming device and we are going to talk about it.

Meta Quest Pro cover image
Meta Quest Pro

The pace with which gaming gears are advancing is remarkable, and yet new Meta Quest Pro hardware leak. This leak lets us look at how development is along and speculate on what we will get from it. Some of this information comes from a Twitter leak from @NathieVR, who got the information. The rest we have known for a while, but it is interesting to see what has been revealed and confirmed.

Meta Quest Pro Leaks
Meta Quest Pro Leaks

The leak from @NathieVR show at least two boxes of what appear to be two models of the Meta Quest Pro. These were still in their boxes, but we got some exciting information from them.

For one thing, we now have a good look at what the box art for the Meta Quest Pro will look like. From that art, we have an idea of the device and can see the control device. For reasons I will cover later, I find it interesting that this device has any physical controls.

Another exciting information we can gather from this leak is that these are engineering samples. That by itself may not sound interesting, but what makes it so is that Meta Quest Pro should be launching next month.

So unless these were acquired because of total production, it is worrying to see they are still in the samples stage. It could mean they aren’t producing many of these due to other factors.

Of course, I’m sure you are wondering what the Meta Quest Pro is and what you will be able to do with it, and how this leak tells us anything about that.

What Is The Meta Quest Pro?

For those who do not know, Meta Quest Pro is the new VR headset developed by Meta. It is made from the same branch of the company that made Oculus. The name was originally going to be the Oculus 2 until they rebranded it.

Rebranding has shifted how the device’s intended uses and what it will be used for by the people that buy it. In general, the entire purpose of the device seems to have shifted from being just a VR headset to an active part of the Metaverse.

This evolution has caused a few massive changes to this device from its predecessor. From the information that it can handle and interact with to the price tag, so much has changed it has to be talked about. These changes are so outstanding that I need to cover them separately so you can get an idea of how the leak affects them.

Meta Quest Pro Engineering Sample
Meta Quest Pro Engineering Sample

The Meta Quest Pro will be more of an advanced computer that will interface with other, more powerful computers. This advancement is because it lets you interact with the Metaverse in real time.

Specifically, it was supposed to be able to map your face and eyes in real-time, so your avatar would act just like you. It was also supposed to overlay augmented reality over everything you looked at, and you could interact with it.

This interaction style sounds mostly hands and motion-related, so I was initially perplexed by the appearance of physical controls for the device. After thinking about it, it seems likely that the physical controls we can see are for a few specific purposes. One of these is to set up the machine from its default setting, as I am sure it will have a start-up mode.

The second is that the Meta Quest Pro can play games. It might be that these physical controls are for games that require an entire physical interface. It is believed that the device will not have an extensive library of games, but it is a good explanation.

Current estimates for the Quest Pro price are around $1500. That is a lot of money for a VR headset of any kind. This price estimate, combined with the new leak, gives us a good idea of why engineering samples are so close to the device’s proposed release date. As a reminder, we should see the first of these in October.

I think Meta will likely treat these like Sony did the PlayStation 5. They will only make a few batches up front and produce more on demand. This explanation seems the most likely reason, and to be honest, it doesn’t seem likely there will be enormous demands for this from regular people at first.

Its upfront price makes it off-putting to most average buyers, and even gamers won’t enjoy having a small game catalog to select from. So this would seem to raise the technology standard and be useful for developers.

What Is The Device Going To Be Linked To?

I bring this up because, for the longest time, this project was thought to be linked to Project Cambria. Honestly, it still isn’t clear if it is or not, and therefore it is hard to place. It doesn’t matter if it is or not, though, because Meta has been developing a lot of new techs recently.

Because of this, it is a safe bet to say that the Quest Pro will be connected to many of their new devices and outstanding new pieces of hardware. The box does not describe the other devices it can connect with, so we are still left in the dark about this.

With all of this, we will keep an eye on the Meta Quest Pro and any other new developments and let you know as they come out.

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