Tom Henderson Hints At New PlayStation Hardware Coming

Apparently, Tom Henderson is hinting at new PlayStation hardware coming and everyone is hyped to know exactly what it could be.

Tom Henderson Hints At New PlayStation Hardware Coming
Tom Henderson Hints At New PlayStation Hardware Coming

It is hard to believe that we are already talking about an all-new generation of consoles, but we are. New versions of the PlayStation and Xbox are on the horizon; even a potential new switch could be on the way. Yet despite all of this, we must be sure to keep an eye on the near future because it appears that Tom Henderson hints at new PlayStation hardware coming. 


  • Tom Henderson has dropped hints that PlayStation will release some new hardware shortly.
  • While he did not state what this new hardware would be, he was also specific that it would not be the PlayStation 5 Pro.
  • Sony has several projects in development at any given time, so we might be able to speculate about this.

There is always a buzz for new consoles or other hardware, so the key is finding reliable information about what is happening. Tom Henderson is one of those sources because

his knowledge is usually reliable and has always been right. So everyone got excited when he recently teased that the PlayStation has some hardware in development that we don’t know about. 

I mean, this does make sense. PlayStation has been scoring high recently with both the PS5 and its PSVR2. The only downside of these, especially the PS5, has been a lack of inventory more than anything else. This left many wanting a PlayStation without the ability to have one, and the company had to take their backlash for it on the chin. Eventually, they decided to increase production, and now most people can get these consoles.

We have the strong possibility that a whole new item attached to either could come out in the next few years. It seems more than likely that the new hardware will connect to at least one of these items. Whether it is some new attachment for the PS5 or a new controller for the PSVR2, either is likely. Without more details, it would be hard to speculate on the exact nature of a mystery piece like this.

Then again, you always have the possibility that it could be some form of a new console. Whether that would be a reduced version of the standard PS5 or maybe even some kind of mobile system, it is not likely that either PlayStation has expressed little interest in either of these two sectors. However, there is still always the potential that it could happen.

Demonstration of Haptic Feedback on PS5 Controller
Demonstration of Haptic Feedback on PS5 Controller

We will only know what this new hardware is once Mr. Henderson or PlayStation decides to show us what it is. Until then, I think we could be happy that we’re still seeing the continued development of new hardware.

That is all we have on Tom Henderson hints at new PlayStation hardware coming.

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