Trine 5 To Be Showcased Next Year

A leak for Trine 5 states the game will be confirmed next year and I am talking about everything that could be in game and the leak.

Trine 5 Leaked Cover Image
Trine 5 Leaked

A leaker on Twitter revealed that the Trine 5 would be getting an announcement next year for a new entry. This leak will be good news for Trine fans as they have not had a new entry in a few years. So we will look at this announcement and speculate on what could happen in Trine 5.


  • According to an Insider professional, Trine 5 is all set to be announced next year.
  • Given that there hasn’t been any word on the Trine series, this announcement seems imminent.
  • Fans still need to take this information with a grain of salt and wait for an official developer announcement.

This information is a leak from @TheRealInsider, but they have confirmed that Trine 5 will be confirmed next year. The tweet says this is just a confirmation and nothing else regarding the game. So we won’t necessarily be seeing the game next year.

Instead just getting it confirmed. So with that in mind, let’s look at the Trine series and see what we know about the possible fifth entry.

Trine Enchanted Edition
Trine Enchanted Edition

The Trine series is an action-adventure and puzzle game series set in a fantasy world. The game follows the concept of three protagonists brought together by the Trine, a magical artifact that binds them together.

This magic makes it so that only one can physically exist while all three are alive. The characters are the returning plot points in each game.

The character is the wizard Zoya the thief, Amadeus the Wizard, and Pontius the Knight, who are brought together to fight whatever evil is facing the kingdom. They united at the Astral Academy in the first game, and this location has returned in most sequels. There are also a few returning characters and appearances from characters that appear in spinoff games.

The exception to the rule that only one can exist simultaneously is when there is co-op play. Most entries in the series have some form of co-op, and it has become a staple of the game. This swapping and cooperation work well because each character has different combat styles and abilities. Combining these in either single-player or multiplayer is the way to overcome almost everything in the game.

Tine 4
Tine 4

It is still very early to say what the game’s specifics will be, but there are a few things that we can make assumptions about. One is that all the main characters will return to protect the kingdom. This series has always stuck with the main characters as a staple, a big payoff for the game.

Another is that we will probably see some cameo from other games the company has made. This idea was first used in Trine 4, given the title’s success. It does seem likely that we will at least get some cameos from other characters in the universe. When they did this with Trine 4, they tied into Nine Parchments, another one of their games.

The game seems to revolve around a new threat to the kingdom and the heroes being summoned to defeat it. The funny thing about this prediction is that it isn’t always true. In games past, not all threats were resolved and had to be made DLC. Some game, the third one, didn’t even have a conclusion to its story. The developers do seem to have learned their lesson from this in the fourth entry,

Only time will tell what Trine 5 will be like and when we can expect to play it. We will keep an eye on it, though, so you can know as soon as we do.

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