The Ubisoft Star Wars Game Could Come Out Next Year

It has been leaked that the Ubisoft Star Wars game could come out next year and it is telling us quite a bit about the game.

The Ubisoft Star Wars Game Could Come Out Next Year
The Ubisoft Star Wars Game Could Come Out Next Year

Star Wars has been having a great couple of years with the release of Jedi: Fallen Order and Survivor. This has left a large gap for other Star Wars games to come in and start entertaining the fan base. One of the companies we know is making one of these is Ubisoft, and some interesting news has come out about this new title. The Ubisoft Star Wars game could come out next year, giving us a better look at what the game could be.


  • The Ubisoft Star Wars game is currently titled Project Helix, and the leak suggests that it could be out as early as Spring 2024.
  • The game will be an open-world title but can move between planets as a method of travel.
  • The game has many rumors surrounding what the plot and characters will be to what the whole primary focus could be.

Few franchises have such a complicated history with games as the Star Wars franchise, from excellent titles that have left an enduring legacy like KOTOR to disappointments like Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi.

The franchise’s games had been in a bit of a rut as of late, with the battlefront series being revived in a middling fashion. It wasn’t until the EA hold on Star Wars was lifted that we started to see better games released and new projects announced.

One of these new projects is entitled Project Helix, and Ubisoft is developing it. Ubisoft has recently been having a rough time with their lowest earning call in years. Because of this, the studio hopes to have a few blockbuster releases to help pull them back up, including project helix.

A few sources have informed sites like Kotaku that Ubisoft plans to release the game anywhere from spring 2024 to spring 2025. While that is a large gap, it makes sense that the studio would want to get the title out as soon as it is ready, so 2024 seems more likely.

The game is still a mystery in many aspects, but we know a few different things about it. One is that it will feature the ability to travel between different planets, and given that this will be an open-world game, that might mean you can do so at will.

We also know that it will be an open world, and for Ubisoft, it will be chock full of things for the player to do and collect. Some people don’t like this function in Ubisoft games, but it could be enjoyable with the Star Wars theming.

We don’t know, but we speculate that the game may have something to do with bounty hunters. This would explain the open world and the ability to travel between planets for in-game reasons. The title could even use the mercenary system from Odyssey to make things more dynamic.

That is all we have on the fact that the Ubisoft Star Wars game could come out next year.

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