Unfinished Wraith Model Uncovered For Halo Infinite

An unfinished Wraith model uncovered for Halo Infinite details on a potentially overpowered vehicle for the game.

Unfinished Wraith Model Uncovered For Halo Infinite
Unfinished Wraith Model Uncovered For Halo Infinite

For as much content as Halo Infinite has given us, there is still plenty that has yet to come out and some that are still being found. One instance of an unused model being found is the unfinished Wraith model uncovered for Halo Infinite that has recently surfaced on Twitter from @leaks_infinite. This would have been an exciting vehicle in-game.


  • An unfinished wraith model uncovered for Halo Infinite has been discovered.
  • The unused model was discovered by data miners who looked through the Halo internal code and data.
  • The leak says the model would’ve been a boss in the game.

The Wraith is one of the most common enemy vehicles in any Halo game. It comes in some variants depending on the game you are playing. However, this new model that was discovered would’ve been a bit tougher than the others that usually face.

The first thing we see is that this version of the Wraith appears to be a little bit quicker than the standard model. The Wraith is a fast vehicle anyway, but this is seen zipping around in the video. This might’ve been a problem if you had to face it in-game, as, on foot, it probably would’ve overtaken players quickly and even in other vehicles.

Accompanying the speed, we also see three very mobiles using their hover engines to overcome obstacles or outmaneuver them. Now while the Wraith has this ability, combining it with speed would’ve been problematic.

The last and, by far and away, most exciting part of this vehicle, though, is the main turn. The most conventional weapon we see on a Wraith is a plasma cannon. In this new model, we can see a new weapon, a condensed laser. The weapon seems to function similarly to the Spartan laser players can use on foot.

In the video, the beam appears more extensive and can continue longer than the standard Spartan laser. This probably would’ve been an unbalanced weapon in the game that would’ve decimated enemies. It also wouldn’t have been great for the player to go up against as it would’ve tanked most vehicles within a minute.

The Wraith model wasn’t added to the game because it would’ve been a rugged vehicle to balance within Halo’s normal gameplay. No, Halo doesn’t usually have this issue because you’re overpowered. This tank might have been too much of a stretch, even for the game.

In addition to how powerful it would’ve been in single-player, you also have to consider how it would’ve impacted multiplayer. Since Halo almost always uses its assets for both modes, this take could’ve dominated any multiplayer modes.

It’s not all bad, though. We could eventually see this tank come into the game in an update that is on point. Perhaps in the figure out how to balance it more effectively. What are your thoughts on the leaked Wraith mode for Halo Infinite? Share with us in the comments section below.

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