Upcoming Fortnite Battle Pass Rewards Allegedly Leaked

Apparently, upcoming Fortnite battle pass rewards that have been leaked tells us a lot about the coming pass.

Upcoming fortnite battle pass rewards have been leaked cover image
Fortnite Battle Pass Details Leaked

A new leak has shared many details of the upcoming Battle Pass for Fortnite. These details include new skins, achievements, and more. 


  • One of the first things we have seen come out of these leaks is the new skins, which I have a very neon and tech base palette.
  • The leak has also revealed the number of achievements that will be added with the battle pass, a change from previous years.
  • This leak has not included any reference to what crossover IPs might be in the next season.

There have been some changes from previous years, and some things are still on pace like usual. Although no IPs have been confirmed, we can expect to see some announced within the coming months. What we do know is some Fortnite-specific skins and that there has been a change to the number of achievements.

Starting with the skins, the ones that have been leaked showcase some of the designs and themes that we will see this season. In this case, neon would seem to be a significant theme for this season, as every character has neon.

There was also a variety of new designs that seemed to vary from techno ninjas to neon zombies. Because of this, it is complicated to say what the theme for this new battle pass will be, but it will surely be interesting.

The other significant news from these leaks was that there would be a change in the number of achievements introduced in the past. According to the leak, we will only get around 45 new achievements added to the game instead of the usual 100. This could suggest a couple of things, the first being that Epic is simply running out of ideas for new achievements.

Another is that the content of this battle pass only warrants the creation of specific achievements, meaning there might be less content than specific content in the new battle pass. 

We will keep an eye out for more information on what will be in the battle pass and what IPs we can expect from the coming season.

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