Upcoming Lego Racing Game Announced “Lego 2K Drive”

The upcoming Lego racing game is called Lego 2K Drive and it will be an interesting addition to the Lego series.

Upcoming Lego Racing Game Is Called Lego 2K Drive
Upcoming Lego Racing Game Is Called Lego 2K Drive

It has been a while since we got a Lego game that wasn’t a licensed property from someone else, but now it appears we might be getting just that. As part of an initiative to create more racing and motorsport-inspired games, 2K Interactive has partnered with Lego for one. The game had very few details available for a long time, but we learned about the Upcoming Lego racing game, Lego 2K Drive.


  • We have known that 2K was working on a Lego game for some time, but details were scarce for the most part.
  • The game’s name has been leaked and confirmed thanks to Insider Gaming and Tom Henderson.
  • The game aims to be an open-world racing and motor game, and there is potential for live service elements.

Some fondest memories gamers can have are playing games, encouraging them to be creative and have fun. For many, that experience comes from playing any number of Lego games. Now it appears that we will be getting a new one in the form of a racing and car-focused game. This game will entitle Lego 2K Drive and will be an exciting addition to the catalog.

The game’s name was leaked thanks to some sources from Insider Gaming that had reported that the title would be Lego 2K Drive. Tom Henderson later confirmed this, which cements what the name will be. We also know a few more details that might indicate exactly what kind of game this is going to be.

For one thing, we have heard that the game will be focused on an open-world setting. Given the nature of the game, I am sure that racing will be a big component of the title, but it sounds like there will be more to it. I expect exploration and side quests to play some part in the game if they aim for this.

Since it is a Lego game, I would expect that there would be a good amount of bricks being moved around. I expect some parts of the environs will be destructible, which would figure into exploration and racing. Moreover, assembling your car might be a significant part of the game.

The last thing that I have heard about this is that there is the potential for it to be a live service game. There is a possibility of this as most games are angling to enter this market somehow, but there is also a strong possibility that it won’t.

Numerous games have gotten significant backlash from taking this approach lately, and it seems likely that a company would want to avoid that. So only time will tell if they want to continue down this development path.

That is all that we have on the fact that the Upcoming lego racing game is called Lego 2K Drive. What are your thoughts on the upcoming Lego game? Share with us in the comments below.

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