Upcoming Silent Hill Has Been Leaked On Reddit

A new leak has shown us another silent hill game in the form of Silent Hill Sakura and we are talking about all we learned.

Silent Hill Sakura

Silent Hill seems to be a trendy game right now. In addition to the recent Silent Hill 2 remake leaks lighting up the internet, another leak is currently making rounds on the internet. This one is not for the SH2 remake but instead appears to be for an entirely different game for the franchise. This one is called Silent Hill Sakura, and we got quite a few details on it from these leaks.

According to some speculation and information about the leak, this will be called Silent Hill Sakura. This game takes a lot of British influence, and the most significant parts of the leaks are the concept art.

Masahiro Ito originally made this concept art, which is some exceptional horrific art. There were also what appeared to be screenshots in game development footage. These images also seemed to mix with the Silent Hill 2 remake footage so that we will cover it last.

What Was In The Concept Art?

Silent Hill Sakura Note Hallway
Silent Hill Sakura Note Hallway

Image from here.

The concept art features a variety of images of various levels of story significance and disturbing nature. A lot of these, when added, give us a clear look at what this game might be about. Because of this, their information will likely be valid even if these direct images don’t feature in the actual game.

The first thing you are going to notice a lot in the concept art is going to be the appearance of floral imagery. This imagery does make sense as Sakura is a type of cherry blossom and there for a flower. This symbolism also explains many of the trees that are visualized in the art. One of the character models even appears to be a hybrid between a person and a tree.

Another thing visible once you start looking for it in the art is that the flowers are not flowers. There are notes. Each note is a sticky note with a message or thought that holds a disturbing message.

Since this is Silent Hill, these are not just random scary sayings but instead profoundly personal and psychologically disturbing. In some images, these spread throughout the environment; in others, they are contained to a single point or even a creature like a tree.

Who Are The Characters In Silent Hill Sakura?

Silent Hill Sakura Notes
Silent Hill Sakura Notes

Image from here.

Believe it or not, we look at two of the characters that will or would be in the game, depending on how development goes. A male character appears to be the main character, as the man is playable in all images. He carries weapons and wears what appears to be a big green winter or run jacket.

The second character is a girl and is an important character but doesn’t appear to be playable in any of the footage. She seems to be a teenager and is being protected by the previously mentioned man in most of the images. She isn’t in as many of the concept art of leaked images, but, interestingly, she appears on the game’s home screen.

What Will Silent Hill Sakura Be About?

Silent Hill Skura Character
Silent Hill Skura Character

Image from here.

There is no direct confirmation of anything plot related in these leaked images, but there are enough of them that I can speculate on what might happen. It is important to remember that this is from the images, and I will be basing some of the ideas on previous Silent Hill games. This speculation could all be true, only some of it, or even none, depending on how development works out and how long it takes.

From the looks of the male character, he appears to be fulfilling the role of an investigator in this installment. His relation to the plot is not evident in the images so who he is and how he relates to the girl is still uncertain. That said, there is clear evidence of him protecting her in the pictures. So it appears they will have an in-game relationship similar to Joel and Elle in the Last of Us video game.

As for the girl, it is pretty evident that she is the cause of this Silent Hill incident. Exactly what trauma caused this to emerge is not made clear, but we do get some hints, most notably in the form of the notes that you can see pictured throughout the game.

These seem to indicate a horrible style of mistreatment. It isn’t clear whether this is something the girl did or was done to her.

This horror style would be keeping in line with most Silent Hill games as they are usually related to personal psychological horror and scarring rather than monsters and jump scares. The fact that this could revolve around any of the problems that could be found with a teenager today lends to some visceral horror.

How Does This Relate To The Silent Hill 2 Remake?

Silent Hill Sakura Silent Hill 2 Connection
Silent Hill Sakura Silent Hill 2 Connection

Image from here.

It is unknown exactly how this leak correlates to the previously leaked Silent Hill 2 remake, but they are somewhat connected. I say this because the last few images in this leak are not related to Silent Hill Sakura but instead to Silent Hill 2. It even says so on the specs that are visible in screenshots.

I know that some people doubt the authenticity of the previous leak, but this one does seem to confirm it. With that in mind, no leak is ever specific until it is confirmed, but this does have some extra supporting evidence.

This evidence is mainly the code that can be seen displayed along with technical details. Some of this looks like it is setting up the interface between a controller and the game, or it might be a background script.

If we would see any cross-over between this and Silent Hill 2 is unknown. I doubt we would see much beyond an easter egg or two. Silent Hill is a singular game franchise and doesn’t lend itself much to cross-over experiences.

These compounding pieces of evidence should give you some comfort in the reliability of the leak and what we should be looking forward to from Silent Hill Sakura.

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