Riot Games Wants To Port Valorant To Consoles

Riot games seems to be working to port Valorant to current consoles.

Valorant Console Port
Valorant Console Port

Valorant consoles port is possibly in the works following recent leaks. Meanwhile, Riot Games also seems to have posted a job listing for the game requiring developers specializing in console game designing. So the character-based tactical shooter may be coming to the consoles Xbox and PlayStation.


  • Valorant game files have seemingly been found to have console controllers button icons, thanks to data mining.
  • Moreover, the latest leaks reveal that the console port will not have crossplay as it will be unfair to console players to match them with PC players.
  • It will have aim assist in allowing controller players to aim better and be as competitive as PC players.

In recent data mining of the 5.03 game update, New icons for PlayStation and Xbox controls have been found in the game files, thanks to @valorantleaksEN. The data mining was very straightforward and was clearly named PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so it isn’t even speculation but rather a hundred percent confirmed.

Also, following the recent job listings, Riot Games is hiring a Game Design Manager and a Senior Game Designer specializing in console development. This confirms the last leak about Valorant console port development and is likely to be announced soon.

Valorant Console Port leaked
Files related to console keymapping found in game files thanks to data mining


The first aspect that will make Valorant on consoles as competitive as PC is the aim assist is very likely confirmed as it is exceptionally quite hard to ideally aim in Valorant, which is the main gameplay focus of the game. But the extent of how much aim assist is available will most likely be limited to ensure it stays competitive and requires skills to play. So expect to press down a little on the thumbstick to help control the recoil while shooting.

Whether the game would have cross-platform or not is quite questionable right now as Valorant is very competitive on PC, and allowing console players to play in PC lobbies will be very unfair for console players. So it is highly likely that there won’t be any crossplay at the start, and there might be a chance that it gets cross-play later.

Moving on to the expected release date for the game to be ported to consoles might be a little far away. As development has just started and to port it to two different consoles, Riot Games will require rewriting the source code twice. So you can expect the release to go as far as a year.

That’s the extent of the information we have acquired regarding the Valorant console port. Tell us about your expectations of how much competitive play there would be on consoles, if it would be the same as on PC, and if the aim assist will make it so that console players can match up to PC players.

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