Video Leaks Shows Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Details

There have been a few video leaks of Modern Warfare 2 that showcase new elements of the game and we are talking about it.

Video Leaks Modern Warfare 2
Video Leaks Modern Warfare 2

Call of duty is a franchise with some ups and downs over the last few years, but one of the ups has been the Modern Warfare series and now we have video leaks of Modern Warfare 2. The leaks involve actual footage of the campaign involving two different aspects of the story within the game. Of course, there is more in this leak than just those two segments so we will go over it all in this article.

Modern Warfare 2 is an anticipated game, perhaps one of the most anticipated games for both the Call of Duty franchise in 2022. This info around the games is in high demand. Fortunately, we got a leak from a Twitter user @3rbbcod.

There are two different videos that they have managed to capture on what appears to be a phone. Both videos are vertical, but you can still make out quite a bit of detail.

What Was In The Leaks?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Leaks
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Leaks

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The first video is the most interesting as it shows off a few new systems that were previously rumors and speculation. We can see what is a vehicle sequence in the game where the player is on the back of a truck, taking out enemies on a truck on a lower road. The player takes out the enemies and then leaps from the back of the current truck to the one with enemies, clearing the jump and securing the rest of the truck.

After leaping, the player takes out the driver and assumes control of the truck. Here is where we look at the game’s driving mechanics. We also get a good look at the feature where the player can stick out the side of a vehicle and shoot at enemies.

While doing this, we don’t get a great view of how much control the player has over the vehicle. The entire scenario is also unexplained, but it does appear to be a chase or escort mission of some kind.

The second video has far fewer details than the first, but there are some things that we can take away from it. Even more apparent in this video than in the first one is the significant depth and details of the graphics. Even just the way a picture swings on the wall integrates well with the combat going on.

The Graphics Look Great

Not to mention that the graphics in both sets of leaked footage are fantastic. Even though these were taken by filming a TV screen, they appear fantastic. This detail will speak volumes about how good the game will be when it is released. So these were some significant video leaks of Modern Warfare 2.

All told, these leaks severe to paint the picture of an improved and fun experience for the coming modern warfare game. With only around two more months until its release, it will be interesting to see if we end up with more leaks like this as we draw closer. If they do, we will surely give you the breaking news.

Apart from the recent Modern Warfare 2 leaks, we recently got to see in-depth details of the wholly dropped Call of Duty Black Ops 4 original campaign revealed in a YouTube video.

What are your thoughts on the latest video leaks of Modern Warfare 2? We would love to hear them in the comments section down below.

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