WayForward Has An Unannounced “Historic Shooter Property” Game Under Development

According to latest details, WayForward Has An Unannounced "Historic Shooter Property" and it could be one of their best games yet.

WayForward Has An Unannounced Historic Shooter Property Game Under Development
WayForward Has An Unannounced Historic Shooter Property Game Under Development

Wayforward Games is a company that you will have heard of if you play Nintendo products but only in very specific circles. They have made a lot of surprisingly good movies or franchise tie-in games for various Nintendo systems and worked on the Shantee series. Now they may be setting their cap at a more ambitious project. It turns out that WayForward Has An Unannounced “Historic Shooter Property” game under development. So let’s look at what we know about this game and what it might be.


  • WayForward games have produced several notable titles but haven’t started to gain a lot of attention until recently.
  • The news of a new Historic Shooter Property from them is surprising but exciting, given the company’s previous projects.
  • Thanks to a LinkedIn post discussing what one former employee worked on, we also know some general ideas about the project.

When it comes to making unique games that are extremely fun to play WayFoward has a reputation for hitting the mark more often than not. The games that they have made are varied and often take unique ideas forward, given the systems they are on. Shantae, Alien Infestation, and Advanced Wars 1+2 Reboot Camp are all examples of what this company can do. Now the company is doing a whole new project in the form of a historical shooter.

We learned about this game from a LinkedIn CV from a former way forward employee. In their linked profile, they list the work that they have done for WayForward. Among their work, we can see that the words Historical shooter have been used. Now there is no game like this in the current catalog, which leads many to conclude that this must be a new game.

Former WayForward Employee CV
Former WayForward Employee CV

This would be an interesting addition to WayForward Games, given that doing something like this would be almost entirely new. There are references to various shooter gameplay mechanics, including top-down, run-and-gun, and even railgun. These are odd to see together, but depending on how these modes were integrated, it could be cool.

The former employee also stated that he had worked on several other aspects of the game. This included things like the character design and Meta setup for the game, and he even assisted with things like the post-launch setup. This doesn’t sound like any of these were necessarily completed, just that he was heavily involved in their planning and early execution.

So it sounds like this game will have quite a lot built into it and could be a crowd-pleaser, but this leaves many to wonder why we haven’t heard of it before. Some think it is because the game has been quietly canceled and will not be seen.

This seems unlikely, given the amount of work that has been done. Instead, it seems more likely they are waiting until the game is either almost or entirely done. That way, the audience will not have to wait long.

That is all we have on that WayForward Has An Unannounced “Historic Shooter Property” game Under Development.

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