The New Witcher Game Will Have Co-op And PVE

The new Witcher game is promising to be an interesting addition as the new Witcher game will feature co-op and PVE.

The New Witcher Game Will Have Co-op and PVE
The New Witcher Game Will Have Co-op and PVE

The Witcher franchise is by far and away one of the most successful gaming series in both a monetary and story-based sense. This doesn’t even include the fantastic graphics and excellent game design, so it was not if we would get another Witcher game but when. While we don’t know all of the details of the new game, several leaks through job listings give us a better look at the game. At the top of this list is the apparent revelation that the new Witcher game will have co-op and PVE.


  • CDK Project Red’s subsidiary, Molasses Flood, is working on the next entry in the Witcher series.
  • The following entry is not believed to be a direct sequel but will be some kind of spinoff.
  • This is further supported by the fact that the next Witcher game will feature multiplayer and PVE.

The Witcher franchise launched CDK Project Red and put it on the map, so it makes sense that they would want to continue it. One effort of this continuation is the new Witcher project from the studio Molasses Flood. We don’t know much about the project, but we have a better look, thanks to some job postings. Fortunately, Reddit user Awkward96 was kind enough to collect these and highlight what they mean for the game.

The job posting is mostly for leader or sub-leader positions within the company detailing critical aspects of the game. From this, we have learned that the game will have multiplayer, as one of the job leads called for someone with experience in multiplayer. Not just multiplayer but co-op multiplayer as well. Both will be a first for the Witcher series, but the idea sounds exciting.

The second thing we learned from the job listing was that the game will still have PVE as a primary function. I hope this means that players will all be witchers who can work together on hunts. There is also the possibility that you, as a player, can fill other roles like mages and knights. Or maybe it will be that you can play as witchers from different orders with different specialties.

The other aspects of the game covered in the listing mostly covered graphics and mechanics, but there was a last exciting piece in the story designer’s job posting. That posting stated that it was about creating a rich and immersive story experience for players.

One of the aspects that the Witcher games have excelled at is the story, and it is exciting to see that it won’t be lost. It would have otherwise been straightforward for the studio to rely on the multiplayer mechanics instead of drafting an ultra-detailed and story-rich world.

This is what we found within the listing, but it is not the only Witcher project underway, so there will undoubtedly be more Witcher news in the future. That is all we have on the fact that the new Witcher game will have co-op and PVE.

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