WoW Could Be Getting A New Game Plus

According to new details, WoW could be getting a new game plus, and it could be another game changer for the title.

WoW Could Be Getting A New Game Plus
WoW Could Be Getting A New Game Plus

World of Warcraft classic may be one of the focal points for people to make fun of Blizzard for lack of creativity, but it is also incredibly successful. It has been so successful that it has kept WoW at the top of MMORPGs for over five years and shows no signs of stopping. With this in mind, it is a safe bet to say that Blizzard is working on ways to keep this going, and it sounds like we might know what is next because WoW could be getting a new game plus


  • World of Warcraft has been using its classic mode as its primary focal point for the last few years, even while releasing other content for the game.
  • Adding a new game plus to the game would boost most facets of the game that are already in place while possibly adding new ones.
  • While not directly confirmed, evidence suggests that this might be one of the next pieces of content coming out.

World of Warcraft Classic has been one of the bigger additions to the game and was a complete game changer when it came out. Allowing players to restart the entire game from level one and climb back to the top proved extremely popular.

It is not like it didn’t have any detractors, but the positives far outweighed the negatives for most of the audience. With this massive success, WoW was easily still on top in every way that mattered. But they couldn’t just let it sit there and had to start coming up with other ideas.

Some of these ideas materialized as new DLC for the game or classic versions of old DLC, but more will always be needed. As such, there has been a rumor floating around that there will now be a classic new game plus mode. One of the biggest pieces of evidence for this comes from a tweet from Brian Birmingham, who was responding to a question from Rafael Quiles about the possibility of a new game plus. He said that he was excited about it and would have loved the idea when he was the creative lead of Classic.

This means there might have been a proposal for this while he was there, so this rumor might be closer than we think. What a new game plus might look like for this isn’t clearly stated, but we have some hints. It will likely have a harder setting, and you can keep some things over from a previous game.

It is difficult to say if this would be equipment or abilities and skills, but it will be interesting to see which it is. It also sounds like it might let you make different choices than you had on your previous playthrough. There are many options which could add something new to the game.

That is all we have on the possibility that WoW could get a new game plus.

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