Xbox Cloud Gaming App Is Coming To The Meta Quest Store

Xbox Cloud gaming app is announced for Meta Quest Store.

Xbox Cloud Gaming App Is Coming To The Meta Quest Store
Xbox Cloud Gaming App Is Coming To The Meta Quest Store

For ten years, Microsoft has been content to leave much of its gaming-related content on either Xbox hardware or Microsoft computers, but things are changing. We have got another announcement that there will be an Xbox Cloud Gaming app on the Meta Quest store. This announcement is not the only news we have heard about these two companies recently, and it is beginning to paint an exciting picture.


  • According to a recent announcement, Xbox Cloud gaming app is coming to the Meta Quest store.
  • This app is likely a way to grow not only Xbox’s presence but also the Quest as well.
  • This news comes after a recent Xbox streaming stick reveals.
  • The Meta Quest 2 has also received some announcements recently that make this an exciting collaboration.

box Cloud Gaming App On Meta Store
box Cloud Gaming App On Meta Store

The announcement happened a couple of days ago, but we initially found it from a Twitter user named Wario64. They posted a screenshot of the announcement and an excellent teaser image of what the app will look like when it releases on the Meta store. This news is just the latest in a long line of recent announcements from both companies about how they’re expanding.

It is also worth noting this was an official announcement. It is actually something we are going to get to see. Giving Microsoft a long history of making promises for third-party apps and never falling through this is impressive. It’s even more impressive that this is going to be a cloud gaming app. It’ll be beneficial for both parties involved.

Oculus Quest 2
Oculus Quest 2 Now The Meta Quest

There’s a big reason Microsoft would put the Xbox cloud gaming app on the Meta-store to increase the number of users for Xbox services. We will cover how that is happening elsewhere a little bit later in the article.

But for now, Xbox is tapping into the opportunity to get players with headsets deeply involved with their products. This idea makes sense, as Microsoft has one of the more extensive game catalogs.

This deal also goes the other way for Meta, as they will look for any reason for people actually to buy and use their particular product. This service is especially relevant for the company as the actual price of the devices has recently come to light.

At a $1500 Price tag, it is far from being a practical device for many people just to buy offhandedly. It might go a long way if you could also play many Xbox games with this particular device. With Meta, it’s a whole bunch of games for people to play on Xbox. So this could be very beneficial to both parties.

Xbox X
Xbox X

Cloud gaming is something you have been catching on to a lot in recent years and it seems to be where the primary focus of gaming is heading. This is because cloud gaming allows players to play directly over the Internet. The player will no longer need to buy a physical disk or have the game downloaded onto their hardware to play it.

So, as long as you have a decent internet connection, you’ll be able to play your games from anywhere and even hypothetically on any device.

It is interesting to know that initially many companies wanted to avoid this concept as many players did prefer to have something physical or at least downloaded. But now we are looking at a new era of gaming.

In addition, we’ve also recently seen a few announcements from Meta and even a few leaks. In particular, we have seen the leaked box art for the Meta Quest 2’s box. This also gave us a decent look at the device’s appearance when it arrived.

What are your thoughts on the Xbox Cloud gaming app coming to Meta Quest? We would love to hear them in the comments section down below.

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