Xbox Entertainment’s Cancelled Projects Surfaced On 4Chan

We just got to see some of the Xbox Entertainment's Cancelled Project from a post on 4Chan.

Xbox Entertainment's Studio Cancelled Projects
Xbox Entertainment's Studio Cancelled Projects

Do you remember the days when Xbox shut down the Entertainment studio? It was short-lived and eventually canceled without many details being shared with the audience. Now, we got more details on Xbox Entertainment’s Cancelled Projects from a post on 4Chan.


  • Xbox has begun developing adaptions of some of its most famous games and some new ones.
  • These adaptations seem to coincide with other companies branching out and wanting to expand their presence in various markets.
  • After the massive shutdown of Xbox Entertainment studio, we have more details on the shows that Xbox canceled.

According to the 4Chan post, Xbox Entertainment Studio had many projects under work during the start of the venture. Some of these were reality or documentary-style shows that would have focused on real people, such as Rookies, which would have focused on an eSports team. Little Miracles, a documentary about cancer patients at Seattle Children’s Hospital, was also one of the unannounced projects under works by studio.

These shows would have been a big draw of attention on the platform. One of the bigger ones would have been Conker’s Big Break. It would have focused on adult animated series that followed the character on an adventure afterlife and reloaded. This is especially interesting given that, for a time, Microsoft was trying to push Conker as its mascot. He appeared in a lot of advertising and even their VR software. For that instance, an own show of Conker would have been interesting in the audience.

Some of the other entertainment shows would have included A Walk In Your Shoes, a show about adults and kids switching places for a day. This! A show about Chris Cashman as he is the father of quintuplets. The last would have been the N on Xbox, an app that would have been filled with programming for teenagers and pre-teens from the Noggin channel.

There were going to be other programs, but many never made it past the naming stage as they would have been takeoffs of classic shows. Some were familiar with old titles like the Electric Company and 3-2-1 Contact. So while it is exciting to see all of the new programs that Xbox is making, it is essential to remember what might have been.

Apart from these cancelled projects, Xbox seems to be putting some notable adaptions in multiple streaming services or distribution networks to maximize its audience. Halo’s second season is coming out on Paramount after its controversial but widely watched first season. Gears Of War is receiving a movie and an animated series on Netflix. This also seems to be one of the projects pushing the hardest. Fallout will be getting its series on Amazon, and Grounded is getting a series, but we don’t know when and where it will be released.

There will also be movies as part of this deal, but only two that we know of so far. The first is the Gears Of War movie that will come out on Netflix. The second is the Minecraft movie set to release by WB. It seems likely that there will be more if these two work out and bring in a profit.

Of all of these being released, Gears Of War seems to be the one that is getting the most attention. A movie or a tv show would have been a big commitment for both studios, but both suggest more extensive plans.

That is all we have on the New Xbox Adaptions showcasing Xbox expansion. What are your thoughts on Xbox Entertainment’s Cancelled Projects and how they would have impacted the entertainment media? Share with us in the comments section below.

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