Xbox Game Pass Might Receive An Even Cheaper Tier Named Game Pass Lite

Recent rumours and talks suggest that Xbox is considering to add a new tier to the Xbox Gamepass which will be very cheap

Xbox Game Pass Lite tier subscription
Xbox Game Pass Lite

Recent rumors suggest that Xbox wants to create a tier for the Game Pass named Xbox Game Pass lite. This new subscription is an ad-based tier which will be 1/3rd of the original price of the Xbox Game Pass. An analyst named @jezCorden, specializing in news and rumors regarding Microsoft and Xbox has also reported about recent rumors for a new tier for the Game Pass.

The Rundown

  • According to rumors, the Game Pass Lite will cost as little as $3 and generate most of the profit from the ad revenues for Xbox.
  • There already has been a talk about Xbox using a new ad viewing technology that will implement ads into games based on the player preferences.
  • Some Xbox Game Pass users have received surveys asking about how they feel about a new tier for the Game Pass.

The Xbox Game Pass currently has two subscriptions, the normal Game Pass includes only EAplay, and the gold includes all the normal perks of the game pass and gold live service. Recent rumors are circling on the internet about Microsoft making another subscription.

The subscription is said to cost only $3, which is very dirt cheap as the normal one cost $10. The catch is that every time you open a game in this subscription, it will run an ad before starting up the game, which is hardly annoying these days as ad-based services are pretty common now.

There was also a patent on Microsft discussing a technology that will display personalized content to players using cloud gaming services concurrently with the gameplay based on their interests, which does put weightage to current rumors about Microsoft making an ad-based subscription tier named the Xbox Game Pass lite.

It asks if the current rumors about the subscription being 3$ will hold up. Xbox might be putting a lot of faith into ads, and the revenues they have calculated could be delivered through them. It could be possible, or the current inflation rate might make it so that the final price for the subscription might not be this cheap.

There have been reports about some Xbox Game Pass users receiving a survey from Xbox regarding the new tier, but a select few receiving it poses questions about its credibility.

Xbox Game pass lite questionare
A survey has been sent to some selected few asking questions about what they think about a new tier in the Game Pass.

This new Game Pass also says that it will have multiplayer access, and it is very surprising to see this being a feature for a lite tier for the Game Pass. It seems Microsoft’s expectations of ad revenues are very high, to the point they are providing a lot of gold features to a shallow tier as well.

At the time, this survey hasn’t proven accurate, and there are multiple reasons for it. Firstly is that the cost is very cheap compared to all the features and games it provides. Secondly, with the current state of affairs with Microsoft getting filed a lawsuit by the FTC, it is unbelievable that they will think of meeting up with their competitors.

To help some people who don’t understand, currently, FTC wants to file a lawsuit against Microsoft because of its acquisition of Activision & Blizzard. FTC is an organization that deals with unfair trades and such. So to get the upper hand against Sony, Microsoft will undoubtedly step down from the game of the competition.

An example of the matter is that Xbox has already skipped the game awards. No game was revealed by Xbox studio, and all its exclusive games did not get a teaser or reveal, including the new Kojima game.

That’s all we have regarding info on the new tier; The Xbox Game Pass lite release date may not be close until Microsoft’s current issue with FTC has been taken care of. Do tell us your opinions on the matter and what you think about the new tier system in the comments.

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