Xbox Spending Game Pass Deals Up To $100 Million

We have recently found that Xbox Spending Game Pass Deals Up To $100 Million has been happening for a while.

Xbox Spending GamePass Deals Up To $100 Million
Xbox Spending GamePass Deals Up To $100 Million

In today’s world of Game Pass and large catalogs, you can imagine how important it is for companies to have an extensive roster of games. Microsoft also thought this was very important because they spend a lot of money on content acquisition. The amount they spent is extended to Millions, depending on the deals being done. This is a lot of money spent on video game content for the massive audience of Xbox.


  • Microsoft spent less than $1 Million and up to $100 Million on deals for the Xbox game pass to acquire games.
  • Some of these games are well-known AAA titles; others best fit Xbox Game Pass titles.

The Xbox Game Pass is, without a doubt, one of Microsoft’s most essential gaming pillars. It is the thing that half of all Xbox advertising is currently based around. It is also a big draw for most people to play on Xbox.

As more and more games release in the $40-$60 range, people are starting to look for more efficient options. But for one monthly subscription, there is a library with dozens of titles ready for them to play with their Xbox. Because of this, it makes sense that the company would want to spend a lot on its catalog.

It might still be surprising for some people to know, though, the company actually ended up spending anywhere from less than $1 Million to $100 Million on acquiring games. This was done with the idea that multiple subscribed to the service over time and would make back the money in spades. This seems to have happened as the Xbox Game Pass expanded its gaming catalog and the Game Pass subscribers.

The latest details come from Xbox Game Pass’s Content Strategist, Ben Favreau. According to his experience of joining the Xbox Game Pass in May 2020, he secured video game deals spanning from less than $1 Million to more than $100 Million for Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass Deals
Xbox Game Pass Deals
Xbox Game Pass Catalogue
Xbox Game Pass Catalogue

While we do not have a total list of games that Microsoft used this money to acquire, nor do we have the figures for how much money was spent on each game. We look at some of the games they acquired as part of these deals. These weren’t small games, either. In many, we can see that these are AAA titles.

A few selected games include MLB The Show Both 21 and 22, Rainbow Six Siege, Back 4 Blood, and Mortal Kombat 11. These are just a few to name right now, as many are on the list.


This considerable spending on Xbox should reassure everyone that Microsoft will continue to invest in the gaming platform. Game Pass is clearly profitable up to this point, with such prominent figures being thrown around. So only time will tell what they will spend money on next.

That is all we have on Xbox Spending GamePass Deals Up To $100 Million. What are your thoughts on the latest reveal of Xbox spending? We would love to hear them in the comments section below.

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