ZeniMax Online Upcoming IP Is A “Considerable Investment”, Huge Team Working On The Title

Latest details from an interview revealed that ZeniMax Online upcoming IP is a "Considerable Investment" with huge team behind development.

ZeniMax Online Upcoming IP
ZeniMax Online Upcoming IP

ZeniMax Online Studio, the well-known studio behind the famous The Elder Scrolls Online, is already working on its upcoming massive IP. With the official announcement of the new IP coming last year from their career posts, we know that the studio is working on a new AAA MMO game that will be revealed to the audience soon. Meanwhile, just recently, we got more information on ZeniMax Online upcoming IP from an interview with Ben Jones, the creative director at the studio.

Story Highlights

  • ZeniMax Online, the studio behind The Elder Scrolls Online, is working on an upcoming AAA IP.
  • The development of the new IP is in full swing, with over 200 people working on the title globally.
  • The latest details come from Ben Jones creative direction at ZeniMax Online Studio, who leads a designing team of 50 people working on this secret AAA IP.
  • Moreover, the title has been under development for over four and a half years. It means that the studio’s latest announcement is imminent, considering the project’s thin details and fans ever rising anticipation.

Recently, Ben Jones joined an interview to talk about the Gaming Industry trends and Product Development. Upon being asked about the latest details on the upcoming IP, Ben Jones shared details that the new game is a “Considerable Investment” now with a development period of over four and a half years. Considering it being a AAA title, it is no wonder that development would take this much time as it is a complex process with special considerations.

Moreover, Ben Jones leads the independent designing team that spans over 50 people. Currently, the game is under development by a team of over 200 people working globally. It means that the upcoming IP development is in full swing, and it might be about time we get a peek at this project.

While there are not many details on this AAA title. But considering the studio portfolio, including titles like The Elder Scrolls Online, many fans are looking forward to what they can expect in the next-generation consoles and PC. Per the job posting on their website, we know that they are considering Unreal Engine 5 for developing the ZeniMax Online upcoming IP. It should excite many as the game engine is immensely famous for its next-gen graphical capabilities and enhanced mechanics for a unique gaming experience.

That is about it for the latest details on the ZeniMax upcoming IP. What are your thoughts on the upcoming game from the studio? Share with us in the comments section below.

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